Team Apparel


DUKE Team Gear

The following items are REQUIRED for divers attending meets

  • Team Suit
  • Both & Blue Team Shorts (choose short or long; ***these run big)
  • Team Warm Up Jacket (pants are optional)
  • Both Blue & Black Team T-Shirts
  • Team Bag
  • Team Parka (Optional)

Duke Team Gear is available for purchase through our new vendor, SWIMANDTRI.  When ordering with SWIMANDTRI,  team members can choose desired items and check out using your credit card. Items will ship directly to your home within a few weeks.

*For our initial order, everyone will need to order the team shirts by October 7.  They will ship in bulk and will be given out at practice the week of October 15. Any other purchases you make will be sent to your house.  

PLAN AHEAD! Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for all items to be delivered.
Team Apparel For Sale from another team member: (Contact Meg McDaniels for information)


Duke Diving is proudly sponsored by Arena