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Club Captains

Club Captains

Two club captains (one male and one female) are elected each year and their term of office covers the Swimming season - September to July of the following year.

The qualities and roles of the Club Captains are as follows:

  • Be a positive role model as a swimmer for all club members - demonstrating high standards of behaviour, in attitude and application, when training and competing
  • Provide a point of contact for communication on behalf of the swimmers
  • Being present and of assistance at club organised activities, including presenting prizes at the Club’s Christmas Gala
  • Communicate with fellow team members, and provide support and advice where needed
  • Encourage club members to be involved in social activities within the club
  • Make an effort to meet new members to the club and to be encouraging to all swimmers
  • Always promote club spirit. Be available to listen to the needs and concerns of other swimmers and if needed, represent these to the committee through the Club Captain Liaison committee member
  • Assist the committee in representing the views of the swimmers