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Pool Sitting

We expect that our swimmers are training in a safe environment.

Pool-sitting is a vital component of Swim Ireland's Supervision Policy and it is important that everybody within the club works to ensure that the correct safeguards are in place for everyone's protection.

Pool-sitting is an important responsibility as defined within our club rules.  The Roster and Responsibilities for pool-sitting are available below.

In the absence of a pool-sitter the associated training session may be canceled.  This impacts all coaches, swimmers and parents who would be attending that session - it also has a direct financial impact on the club.

It is the named pool-sitters responsibility to find a replacement in the event that they cannot attend - forgetting or expecting another parent from the spectator area to fill in is not acceptable - if you cannot find a replacement then you are obliged to attend.

Pool sit rosters

Search for your name and put your date(s) and time(s) in your calendar.

Click  here Aug/Sep’19 

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Click here to get general pool sitting duties.  The more detailed expectations are contained within the club Rules.