Our mission is to support our athletes in the pursuit of excellence by providing caring, experienced, certified coaches.  We focus on developing the whole athlete; imparting life skills such as team work, dedication and sportsmanship in a fun and supportive community.

Seattle Synchro offers training for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. Our beginner programs teach basic swimming and synchro skills while our competitive programs offer the chance to train at the elite level.  We train at the Seattle University Pool on First Hill as well as in Kirkland at the Juanita Aquatic Center.

Please call us at 253-951-4388 or send us an email request at for more information.


Beginner Programs

Sea Stars

Girls trainingSea Star I is our Beginner Program for kids who need to work on their strokes and have no experience in Synchronized swimming. An athlete should be able to swim two laps of crawl stroke and breaststroke as well as feel comfortable floating on his/her back.  Class on Sundays ( Times may vary please see full schedule on our calendars page)


The Sea Star program is a non-competitive program where swimmers learn basic synchro skills. Lessons run in 6 week sessions. Please see our calendar page for current sessions

Ages: 5-14
Sea Star Coach: Katee

Workout Days/Times: Sundays between 3 & 5 PM ( Times may vary please see full schedule on our calendars page)

Cost: $100 for 6 weeks + $15 registration fee

Little Mermaids

The Little Mermaids program is specially designed for our young athletes, age 4 to 7 years. They work on strengthening their swimming skills while learning synchro basics and a short routine to music. This is a non competitive program that runs from January to June. Swimmers should have general knowledge of freestyle, backstroke and breastroke. Each swimmer should be able to swim two laps of each stroke and feel comfortable in the water with out an adult. Members of this team will have the opportunity to perform the routine they learn throughout the season.

Ages: 4-7

Novice Group Coaches: Katee Snedecker

Workout Days/Times: Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon. (Please see our calendars page)

Cost: approximately $70 a month


SmilesThe Novice team is our beginner level, competitive team. They perfect their swimming and beginner synchro skills.  Swimmers should be able to swim eight laps of crawl stroke and 4 breaststroke, and be comfortable floating on his/her back. Swimmers who have not participated in Sea Stars or a summer camp should schedule an assessment by contacting us at  Members of this team will attend several local competitions, and train from September to June.

Ages: 6-12

Novice Group Coaches: Katee Snedecker

Workout Days/Times: Tuesday & Thursday evenings & Sunday afternoons ( Times may vary please see full schedule on our calendars page)

Cost: approximately $250 Per Month, $275 registration fee & Outfitting costs.


Competitive Programs

Our Competitive programs train at a high level, and attend local, national, and international competitions.  Athletes entering this group must display a desire to begin training on a committed basis.  Both athlete and family must be committed to this level.  They practice a minimum of three times per week for a total of 6-12 hours per week depending on their age.  They compete in the following age groups: 12&Under, 13-15, 16-17 and 18-19.  They compete in five to eight meets at a local,regional and national level.  Practice includes both land and water training.


11-12 Age Group

11-12 Age Group Coaches: Cherity, Lacey, Jocilyn
Workout Days/Times: Mondays, Wednesday, Thursdays between 7:00 & 9:30   & Sundays 3-7 PM.

13-15 Age Group

13-15 Age Group Coaches: Lacey, Jocilyn, Alyse

Workout Days/Times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, evenings & Sunday afternoons.

Junior/ Senior

Our Junior Team competes at high-level meets and trains at an elite level.  The junior team program is geared towards those who are fully committed to training and competing at an elite level.  Swimmers train 11 months of the year, and attend a minimum of 6 meets a year. Many swimmers go on to train with US National Teams.  Minimum age for the group is 14.

Junior Team /Combo Coaches: Jocilyn, Lacey & Daniela
Workout Days/Times: Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings & Sunday afternoons.


Our Senior Team competes and trains at an elite level. The senior team program is designed to place our athletes at the highest possible level of competition in the United States. Swimmers train year round. Swimmers attend national and international level meets.  Many swimmers go on to train with US National Training Squads & Collegiate Programs. Minimum age for the group is 15.