Hall of Fame

The Seattle Synchronized Swim Team has produced many fine athletes and coaches over those years, including athletes who have competed internationally for the United States.


Thank you to all the great athletes and coaches that have been a part of this team!

1984 Olympic Gold medalists: Tracy Ruiz-Conforto,  and Candy Costie-Burk

Tracy Ruiz and Candy Costie, 1984 Olympic Gold medalists

2008 Olympic team member: Jillian Penner, Seattle Synchro team alum!

Jillian Penner, 2008 Olympian

Seattle Synchro swimmer Jillian Penner started swimming with our club when she was 9 years old. Ten years later, and after two years on the U.S. Junior National Team, two years on USA National Team 1, and competing in Switzerland, Japan, Russia and Australia - Jillian was named to the 2008 USA Olympic Team!!!

Jillian in flight

USA National Team Members


Current US Senior Training Squad Members: Lorraine Hack (left), and Sydney Sprinkle (right)

Most recent, past US National Team Members include: Emily Drew, Akira Baysinger, Lilly Cao and Lianne Lovitt 

Brazil Nation Team Members:  Branca and Bia Feres

  In 2004/2005, Seattle Synchro hosted two swimmers from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Branca and Bia Feres swim for Brazil's In National Teams, but for one season they swam for us on our 14 and over Junior Team while also attending Roosevelt High School in Seattle. They swam the team routine and a duet, as well as a trio with Jillian Penner.

  They also helped coach the younger girls, and now that they have returned to Rio are once again swimming for Brazil on the Brazilian National Team. We believe that the role of the Seattle Synchronized Swim Team is to enhance the physical, social and emotional development of the swimmers through participation in synchronized swimming. This can be achieved through the development of programs to meet the needs of swimmers with varied levels of ability and commitment. We provide a safe and secure environment in which individual swimmers can strive for personal bests. Synchronized swimming is a team sport and we promote team spirit through the involvement of all swimmers, coaches, and parents.

  Travel, meeting athletes from across the United States and around the world and making lifelong friends are all part of the experience. We train 10 months out of the year and compete locally, regionally and nationally year round.

Branca and Bia Feres with Jillian Penner