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Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics - Cardinal Swimming Lessons


Cardinal Stroke School

The Cardinal Stroke School teaches proper technique to beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimmers.  Instructors tailor each session to fit the needs of their student(s). Swimmers and parents can expect to see measurable success across each session.

In Stroke School, competitive strokes and skills are taught and refined. As swimmers grow in confidence, often they develop an interest in swimming for competition. The Stroke School lays the foundation for a swimmer to transition into a team environment with proper stroke mechanics.

The Stroke School is also a perfect program for competitive athletes who wish to refine their skills and receive added personalized feedback. Graduates from the Cardinal Stroke School are ready to continue swimming for fitness or competition.

Please contact our coaching staff with questions or to schedule an evaluation:

Little Bird Swim

Little Bird Swim is the ideal environment for those learning water safety and comfort.  Instructors balance skill feedback with a fun, inviting environment that is sure to instill a life-long love of the water! 

In Little Bird Swim helps, students master critical water safety skills while they learn to truly enjoy the experience of swimming. The four levels have specific skill and competency goals and swimmers who have completed all 4 levels are ready to transition into our "Discovery" program.

(1) Wadder: 
Swimmers who have little or no experience in the water. Learning Objectives: (1) Face in the water (2) Blow bubbles (3) Front float (4) Kicking (5) Wall crawl (6) Bobs (7) In & Out of pool unassisted.

(2) Puffin:  Swimmers who are water comfortable with some experience. Entry Requirements: (1) Float unassisted (2) Face in water unassisted (3) In & Out of pool unassisted. Learning Objectives (1) Torpedo Kicks (2) Back float (3) Sit-dive (4) Reach & pull arms (5) Rings from bottom (6) Bubbles & breath.

(3) Kiwi:  Swimmers with intermediate understanding kicking & floats. Entry Requirements (1) 5 yards unassisted (2) Front & back floats (3) In & Out of pool unassisted. Learning Objectives (1) Roly-poly breath (2) Streamline kick (3) Freestyle arms (4) Kneeling dive (5) Back float with kicks (6) Dolphin body roll.
(4) Lark: 
 Swimmers with basic freestyle or backstroke. Entry Requirements (1) 10 yards freestyle and kicking on back (2) 10 yards streamline kick (3) Roly-poly breathing. Learning Objectives (1) Side breathing (2) 25 yards freestyle (3) Backstroke arms (4) Breaststroke kick (5) Standing dive NOTE: Swimmers who have completed the "Lark" level are ready to move into one of the "Discovery" groups.

Coach & Instructor Certification

Each instructor has completed an in-depth Cardinal Instructor Course. Instructors focus on water safety curriculum while teaching proper swim skills and a love for the water. As swimmers progress through the program, each student learns the skills needed to pursue swimming for fitness or competition. Our instructors are also highly qualified to work with adults, from adults who fear the water to those looking to improve their swimming form or learn a new stroke.

USA Swimming Registration

Swimmers in Discovery & Imagination Groups will be registered through USA Swimming as Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics (PASA). Families are required to complete the registration form and turn into our coaching staff (with $73 check to Pacific Swimming). USA Swimming registration is completed annually at the beginning of the swim season (September) or is due during the first registration period if the swimmer joins after September.