Rec Registration

Killarney Synchro Swim Club Lessons

Note: We charge an annual registration fee of
  • $29.00 per student for Learn to synchro Learn to synchro Saturday class 1, Learn to synchro Learn to synchro Saturday class 2, Learn to synchro Learn to synchro Tuesday, Learn to synchro Learn to synchro Wednesday, Learn to synchro 2 Learn to Synchro 2, Mini Synchro mini synchro
This extra fee will be added to the checkout page if your family has not paid this fee for over a year.

Welcome to  Killarney Synchro Swim Club Recreation Registration platform! The registration process is simple.  To Register:

  1. Select the Location from the pull-down above
  2. Select/click on the desired Program below [Blue bar(s) below]
  3. Select the Sub-Program tab.
  4. Select the Class
  5. Click on the Red Class Cost/Days/Times to pick the day and time
  6. Click on the red Register Button

Please have your daughter come in a one piece suit and goggles. Swim cap and nose clip is optional but please tie back long hair.   If you have questions regarding this registration, please direct them to Killarney registrar, Blythe Sweet, at  If you have questions about the suitability of your daughter for any of these classes, please email coach Kimberly Ashton at


Please also ensure you fill out the 3 registration forms and bring to class on the first day.  The forms can be found in the resources tab.  The forms you need to print off and fill out are called 1. Participant agreement form  2.  PIPA  3. Parent code of conduct.  Thanks for your attention to this matter.  See you at the pool!