Swim Lessons

Nanaimo White Rapids Swim Club Lessons

Welcome to our new online registration page for Nanaimo White Rapids swimming lessons. 

Mini Rapids lessons are open to the general public and anyone is welcome to sign up for classes over the age of 3 years old. When registration is open you will see below the levels/times/classes that we offer for general public swimming lessons. 

Below Mini Rapids lessons we have our Fall/Winter program for existing swim club members. If you are already a part of our white rapids swim club then this is the program for you! We run a few practices a week depending on age/ablitily to keep the participants in shape for the summer season. 

Please send any questions you may have to and we look forward to having you in one of our programs offered!

Mini Rapids Lessons

Welcome to our new online registration page for Mini Rapids swimming lessons. Registration will be open to register starting June 11th. You will find below the equivalent Red Cross swim levels to help you registered your child in the right level. Please do not hesisitate to contact with any questions you may have in regards to our new registration process. Enjoy, and we look forward to having you at KIN this summer!

Beginner 1 = Sea Otter

Beginner 2 = Salamander/Sunfish

Beginner 3 = Crocodile/Whale/Swim kids 1

Junior 1 = Swim kids 2/Swim kids 3

Junior 2 = Swim kids 4/Swim kids 5

Junior 3= Swim kids 6/Swim kids 7

Senior/Intermediate = Swim kids 8 and up

Select the appropriate tab below to see the available times for each level.

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