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Welcome to the Swimm with Timm Registration page! The registration process is simple for both new and returning families. You'll get access to your own private account to view/edit your contact information and current and past class histories.

If you have not spoken to Timm about what level to sign up for please email him at swimmwithtimm@gmail.com. If you have to choose between 2 levels, have not spoken with Timm, and are unsure which level to choose, please choose the lower level.  It is better to be a star of a group then to be trying to catch-up.  We are trying to build confidence and struggling in a class above their level will not help.

Upon completion of the registration process you MUST recieve a confirmation email. If you do not recieve the confirmation email, within minutes of completion of the process, then an error has occured during the process and you are not registered and you have not been charged.  In this situation the only thing you can do is register again.   If you have any issues during the process and cannot proceed past a certain point, then you must clear the browser history on your internet browser and make sure you delete cookies. Then start the registration process again.  We apologize if either of these errors occur when you try to register for the program and if you have continued issues registering please email swimmwithtimm@gmail.com for assistance. TeamUnify is working on fixes for these issues in the future.


Timm Heffron

Childrens Lessons Selections

Children's Group Swim Lessons from SWT offers 8 levels to choose from for children 6 months to 13 years old.


Please click on the tab below that matches the level you are looking for. (EX - If you want a Beginner 2 class then you would click on the Beginner tab.) Then you must scroll down to the correct day and time, for the level you want. You can see the availability for each class listed below the time. If there are spots available for that class time, then click on the register button to select the class. You must add a student to the class and add it to your cart. Follow the directions to checkout once you have chosen all classes you want to register for.

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