Swimming Lessons

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Coe College Swimming Lessons 

We are excited to be offering our swimming lessons program for the summer and fall of 2021.  Our lessons platform is based on two important concepts:

  1. Self-Paced – Many students learn at different rates.  Our program is designed to allow them to move through our curriculum at a rate that fits their individual needs.
  2. Mastery – Each of the levels of our swimming lessons has advancement goals or skills.  Once a student demonstrates the ability to master those skills, they immediately move on to the next level’s set of skills.

Instruction during lessons is done under the direct on-deck supervision of a certified Swimming Lessons Supervisor. The individual instructors have all received extensive training in our curriculum in both a classroom and practical in-water training. 

The Swimming Lessons program at Coe College is designed for students 5 & over.


Our next available swimming lessons will be in March.  The schedule for these lessons will be finalized in December with registration opening mid-January.

We will be offering both group and private options for lessons. 

Private lessons will have one instructor with each student and one session will have four 30 minute classes.

Group lessons will have two to five students per instructor based on how many students are working in the same level in each class.  


COVID Safety Protocols:

Coe College has changed our policy regarding wearing masks on campus.  Vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear mask inside of our buildings.  Individuals who have not been vaccinated yet are encouraged to continue wearing masks when entering our buildings.  We are asking that everyone continues to socially distance when inside of the buildings when possible.   All of our instructors will be wearing face shields while in the water. 

Parents are welcome to spectate the lessons, but we request that spectators be limited to one person per student when possible.  If needed, parents are welcome to bring siblings of students who are not enrolled in lessons, but they must sit with the parent during the lesson.

If a student is feeling sick, we ask that you please keep them home.  If you let us know they will not be there due to illness, a refund of 90% for the class missed due to illness will be issued.


If you have any questions, please contact Brian Ruffles at [email protected]