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The Splash Club offers two pre-competitive programs for young swimmers with interest in competitive swimming. 

Splashers- The Splashers program provides young swimmers with the basic skill instruction in the four competitive strokes; starting with freestyle and backstroke then progressing to the butterfly and breaststroke. The ultimate goal of this program is to get children ready for the Splash Club.

Swim Camp-  The Swim Camp is a week long commitment that provides the opportunity to work with the high school swimmers learning the four competitive strokes, and dives. The ultimate goal of this program is to introduce the kids to competitive swimming, giving them a chance to tryout for the Splash Club.

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Splashers has a three levels to its program. Get ready! is level one, your child will learn the basics to swimming (freestyle, backstroke, side breathing, body position, etc.). Get set! is level two, your child will fine-tune the skills learned in level one but also learn how to swim breaststroke, and flip turns. Go! is level three, all skills learned will be fine-tuned and your child will learn butterfly, and competitive dives. By the end of level three your child should be ready to join the Splash Club!

Splashers is offered to 4-8 year olds. At the completion of each session your child will be evaluated on his/her progress learned in the class. An evaluation sheet will be given to you and your child to notify you whether they should remain in Splashers or advance to the Splash Club.

Wellness Center Members: A four-week session (8 classes) is $50 per session.

Non-Members: A four week session (8 classes) is $60 dollars. Your child will be provided a badge to get into the building. The Splash Club will pay for one card/ per kid, if the card is lost that is your responsibility to replace it.

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Looking to explore the world of competitive swimming? Then this camp is for you!
The Splash Club Swim Camp is designed for ages 5 to 8 year old students who have some swimming experience. Students will be introduced to the four competitive strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.
Goggles and swim caps are strongly recommended. Parents are encouraged to stay for each class. Swimmers should arrive at the pool 10 minutes before the start of each class.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The student must have basic swimming skills prior to this class and be comfortable in deep water. This is not a learn to swim camp.

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