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Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

 Knik Aquatics Learn2Swim in Partnership with Chugiak Aqutics is offering quality swim lessons and stroke school opportunities at both the Bartlett Pool

Learn2Swim Lessons: (at Bartlett Pool)

This program is open for swimmers 4 and up and focuses on introducing children to swimming, developing basic water skills and teaching water safety.  The Learn2Swim program offers four levels designed to prepare students for Basic Stroke School. Learn2Swim will be offered from 5:15-6:00 PM on Tuesday and Thursday at the Bartlett Pool starting January 30th.

Introductory Stroke School: (at Bartlett and Chugiak Pools)

This program is for children six years old and older who already have some comfort in the water and are able to swim 10-15 yards of any stroke.  This program will focus on developing basic stroke and safety skills including crawl stroke, breast stroke, back stroke, underwater swimming, diving, treading, streamlining and sculling.  This program will be offered from 5:15-6:00 PM on Monday and Wednesday at both Bartlett and from 6:00-6:45 on Tuesday and Thursday at Chugiak.

-For further information on how to sign up or to schedule an assessment for placement in Basic Stroke School or Learn2Swim lessons, please email Garrity[email protected] or call 907-854-8740.

Ages 4+

$60.00 Per Month

An Additional Fee Applies to Join the United States Swim Lesson Association



Level 1: Enter and exit water, blow bubbles through mouth and nose, bobbing, front and back glides and back float, kick with kickboard unassisted, and kick on back

Level 2: Enter water by jumping from side, fully submerge and hold breath, bobbing, front and back float, retrieve submerged object, tread water, rotary breathing on wall, finning arm action on back

Level 3: Streamline off wall, dolphin kicks, rotary breathing using baton, bobbing, change from vertical to horizontal position on front and back, elementary backstroke and complete 12.5 yards of freestyle and backstroke 

Level 4: Kneeling dive, swim underwater, freestyle and backstroke open turns, complete 25 yards of freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstroke, begin butterfly and breaststroke, somersaults in water

Level 5: Shallow angle dive from side, flip turn, standard scull, 50 yards of freestyle and backstroke, 25 yards of breaststroke, butterfly, and elementary backstroke



1st Session: Under the Sea

2nd Session: Pirate & Mermaid Adventure

3rd Session: Summer Olympics

4th Session: Hawaiian Vacation