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Registration for the 2019-2020 Swim Club season will open on June 10th.

Welcome to The Swim Club Registration 
At the Swim Club, we understand that some swimmers and families have schedules that change throughout the year.  With this principle in mind, you will select the practices per season for each of your swimmers.  If you do not wish to swim a season, simply do not select it!  Once you have added all of your swimmers selections to your cart, simply check out!  

Annual Registration Fee:  Each swimmer is billed a $200.00 registration fee per year.  You only pay this once per year.  If you come back later to add another session, you will not be charged this fee again for the 2019-2020 season.  

Monthly Charges - Each practice session has monthly charges based on number of days selected. You will be billed this amount monthly.  Example: 2 days per week is $78.00 per month.  You will be billed this amount monthly  during your swim seasons selected (please see prorate note below) for each swimmer swimming 2 days per week.  Please be sure to review the refund/cancellation policy as cancellations after the season start are not accepted.  You will be responsible for all payments.

No Swim Dates Prorated - The amount charged per month will be prorate eached month based on the "no swim dates" set in the practice schedule.  EXAMPLE: September 1st is the start of the month, but the program does not actually start on the 10th of the month, you will not be charged for any practices that fall from September 1st-9th.

Claude Moore/Dulles South Pools– For the 2019-2020 year, The Swim Club will only practices at the Dulles South Location

Wait-list – if you see a program you would like and it is already on a wait-list, please add your swimmers name.  We may have additional availability staring in February-May as we are looking into additional lane space.  

To begin the Registration:

-Select the Program Filter above
-Select the Location Filter above
-Select the Winter/Spring bar under your program name
-Select the number of practices filter
-Click on register for the program and add to cart!  Check out and you are all set!

*Limited space availability for the Winter/Spring 2019

*Multiple swimmer/season discounts come off the class fees, not annual registration fee.