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Summer is here!

To register, head to the bottom of the page!

Summer Swim School cycles will begin on June 18th!

Sessions will run each day in the following format:

Monday - 5:45pm-6:25pm and 6:25pm-7:05pm 

Tuesday - 5:45pm-6:25pm and 6:25pm-7:05pm

Wednesday - 5:45pm-6:25pm and 6:25pm-7:05pm

Thursday - 5:45pm-6:25pm and 6:25pm-7:05pm


Parent & Child - 10:15am-11:00am

Octopus Group - 11:15am-12:00pm 

The dates for the current cycles in place are:

  • Cycle 1:   June 18th - July 12th
  • ​Parent & Child and Octopus - June 30th - July 21st
  • Cycle 2:   July 16th - August 9th
  • ​Parent & Child and Octopus - July 28th - August 18th
  • Cycle 3:   August 13th - September 6th     
  • ​Parent & Child and Octopus - August 25th - September 15th

What To Know This Summer?

  • Only running 3 cycles this Summer
  • Parents are not permitted on deck or in the locker rooms at any point in time. This is not our choice, rather a legal matter. 
  • We are introducing 2 new groups! *Saturday Groups
    • ​Parent & Child - This group is designed to get toddlers in the water with a parent/guardian accompanying them. It will be led by our group lessons staff and coordinator, Amy. There is no minimum age requirement with a maximum age of 3 years.
    • Octopus/Adaptive - This is a group designed for children with special needs ranging from ages 0-14. There will always be two instructors to four children. If you are interested in your child joining this group please send us an email to help us create the best plan for your child. 
  • Groups will still be assigned to attend on certain days of the week
    • ​Monday/Wednesday - Minnow and Goldfish
    • Tuesday/Thursday - Guppy and Competition Prep.
    • Saturday - Parent & Child and Octopus
    • *Please note, as your child(ren) move through the groups, your schedules are subject to change.

Registration Info:

Evenings of the first week of each cycle, you are welcome to register in the pool area with our assistance if needed. Otherwise, all registration will be completed online. Evaluations for each cycle will be held during the first two lessons.  Swimmers should be prepared to get in the water during the first lesson date.

What is Swim School? (Briefly)

FRST’s learn to swim program is an opportunity for young children (3-11 years of age) to be introduced to the world of swimming, by being taught the basic fundamentals of swimming (ie. stroke development, treading water, floating etc).  All of which will lead to the opportunity and option to participate in competitive swimming within the FRST Club Program.

How does Swim School Operate? 

  • Our learn-to-swim program is now broken into 3 cycles, each consisting of 4 weeks of 40 minute swim lessons 2 days per week.  
  • During each cycle, swimmers will be taught lessons appropriate for their selected group.
  • At the completion of each cycle, all swimmers will be evaluated to see if they will advance to the next group for the following cycle or if they are ready for graduation!

How Much Does Swim School Cost?

Cost (see the below costs per athlete) to be paid before cycle.

1 cycle for 1 athlete:    $65

2 cycles for 1 athlete: $115

3 cycles for 1 athlete: $165

***Subsequent athletes receive $15 discount off their first Cycle Registration only. Prices for cycles 2 and 3 for additional athletes are the same as for athlete #1

*** Fees will not be pro-rated for late registrants

Private Instruction!

Looking for a 1 on 1 private lesson from experienced age group coaches!? We offer that too!  If interested, please email us at!

Who Do I Contact With Questions?

Please contact us at regarding any concerns or questions you may have. Please also check the additional swim lessons tabs, news feed on the FRST website, Twitter, and Facebook for any additional information pertaining to the lessons program.


Swim School - Summer 2018

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