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J-Hawk Aquatic Club Lessons

Welcome to  J-Hawks Swim Lesson Registration platform! The registration process is simple for both new and returning families. You’ll get access to your own private account to view/edit your contact information and current and past class histories. 

Are you registering on your phone or iPad? 
Do NOT use the filters.  Keep all filter options showing as ALL.

All families will register as NEW FAMILIES, even if you have been with us before.

You have the option, with a credit card payment, to pay for your class NOW.
Group Lessons:  If you find the program is not for you, at the end of the first week, we will refund your registration.

If you choose the "pay by check" method of payment, then you will bring your payment the first week of lessons..  However, your receipt will say that you're on a WAIT LIST.  This is NOT TRUE.  Your child will be entered in the open class you signed up for. 

Our Fall Session session starts Monday, September 17th. 
We now have 2 locations:  Whitewater Aquatic Center (M/W) and UW-Whitewater (T/Th).

Choose any days of the week, Mondays through Thursdays, that work for you. 
Williams Center (Tu/Th):  Classes are offered between 5:30pm-6:30pm.  
Whitewater Aquatic Center (M/W):  Classes are offered between 6pm-7pm

Each class day is $25, for a 6 week session.  So, if you sign up for 2 days a week, it will be $50, for a 6 week session (12 lessons total) and if you would like to have lessons 3 days a week, the cost is $75, for 6 weeks (18 lessons total).

Example:  I want to register for M/W Clingers at 6pm.  I must register for the Monday 6pm Clinger class AND I must register for the Wednesday 6pm Clinger class.

FREE/REDUCED Lunch Program Families:
     *If your family qualifies for reduced school lunches, the fee is $12.50/child/day.
     *If your family qualifies for FREE school lunches, the fee is $0.
     *You must provide a copy of your families free/reduced status on school letterhead.


The cost of a private lesson is $24 for 30 minutes, offered on Friday evenings and weekends.  Please inquire with Cheri.

Private Lessons - Payment Options:
We ask that you pay your instructor directly, after each class.

When registering, choose the "pay by check" method of payment.  Your receipt will say that you're on a WAIT LIST.  This is NOT TRUE.  Your child will be entered in the open class,once Cheri verifies that Ben is available and that the class was not filled offline.

If you have any issues registering your child, please e-mail Cheri Zimdars and let her know.  Include which class, class time, and your child's name.  Cheri will e-mail you back a confirmation.


Registration Instructions (for ALL programming):

  1. Select/click on the desired Program below [Gray bar(s) below]
  2. Select the Sub-Program tab.
  3. Select the Class
  4. Click on the Red View Days/Times/Cost Button to pick the day and time
  5. Click on the red Register Button