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Greenwood Gators Swim Lessons Lessons

Registration for June and July lessons will open May 24. No need to worry about weather we are indoors and offer year round lessons. We have small class ratios, so the kids get more individual attention from the instructors.

Ages 11-13 Swim Lessons

You have a teen that needs to learn to swim freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, backfloat, treadwater, etc.

Parent/Child Class

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Level 1

If your child is new to swimming this is your introduction to water skills!

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Level 2

Introduction to fundamentals is a class for those children who are still beginners needing an introduction to skills and gaining comfort in the water.

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Level 3

In this level we are working on the fundamentals of swimming. If your child can demonstrate a freestyle of backstroke arm while assisted and float for five seconds on their own then this is the class for them! By the end of this class they will be swimming unassisted freestyle and backstroke.

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Level 4

We are working on fine tuning the freestyle and back strokes and introducing other competitive strokes. They will be working on treading water and swimming up to 25yds. They will be swimming with rotary breathing. If your child is looking at exploring swimming competitively this is the class for them!

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Level 5

In this class we are working on stroke improvement. If your child can swim but just needs to learn better technique and endurance this is the class for them. If they want to swim competitively this is the class for them. We are continuing to swim with rotary breathing, dives, treading water and swimming for 50yds.

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Level 6

Have completed Level 5 but not ready for competitive swimming or want to swim still but not compete.

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