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Note: We charge an annual registration fee of
  • $50.00 per student for High School Multisport High School Multisport
This extra fee will be added to the checkout page if your family has not paid this fee for over a year.

Welcome to Rochester Swim Club High School Multisport!  

This group is designed for athletes that are in multiple sports/activities throughout the year.  This group has only the commitment of the season registered for.  There is no meet  worker requirements for the parents in this group.  The athletes can practice as little or as much as they want each session during the designated times.  The athletes can also participate in any of the RSC hosted AAU meets (meet fees covered in cost of the registration).  Athletes must be ages 12 and up to participate in this group.


The reasons this group is being offered are as follows - 

1.  Injury issues for athletes who try to "drop-in" to groups that have been running for weeks previous are numerous.  The new group allows athletes their own space to continue their training with a coach dedicated to their needs.
2.  The group allows athletes the opportunity to make their swimming a true "multi-sport" item without the stresses of demanded competition within USA Swimming.
3.  It allows for limited competitive opportunities within the RSC meet structure.  Athletes can compete free of charge and parental commitment at RSC AAU Meets - basically small time trial opportunities.
4.  It is a cost-effective way for athletes to continue to "keep a toe in the water" and continue to refine their skills for whatever their competitive goals are outside of the conventional USA Swimming team structure.
5.  It will be fun!  Each practice will focus on an injury prevention segment, a warmup, a drilled set and a sprint set.  Practices are and hour and ten minutes long and are offered three times per week.



Summer  June 11 - July 26 (Week of July 4th No Practice) - at Rochester Rec Center and Soldiers Field Pool - Long Course

Days:  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 

Time:  Monday - Rec Center - 5:45 to 7:00 PM

Tuesday and Thursday - Soldiers Field - 6:00 to 7:15 PM

(1st 10 minutes will be some light dryland; rest in water)

Cost:  $270 per session and $50 Registration Fee (only paid one time per year; renews each September)

Registration fee includes:  Tshirt, cap, and AAU Meet Fees (AAU National meets are available for an extra fee)


Please use our on-line registration system by following the steps below.  You’ll get access to your own private account to view/edit your contact information and current and past class histories.  If you have questions please email:

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