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Prime Aquatics Lessons

Welcome to Prime Aquatics Swim Lesson Program! 

Prime Swim Lessons specialize in teaching water safety, how to be comfortable in the water, and proper stroke technique for all four strokes. 

We pride ourselves on quality in-water instruction and coaching from the pool deck. Our teaching method is fun, engaging and successful. Prime Instructors and coaches use quick and effective teaching styles so that our swimmers can improve through repetition and constant feedback.

*NEW* We now offer “Exploration in the Water” for Preschool ages 3-5 - Introduction to basic water safety and swimming skills. Children will be taught the beginning mechanics of swimming in a fun and exciting manner.

There are 5 Levels in our lesson program:
  • Level 1 - Introduction to Swimming and Freestyle
  • Level 2 - Introduction to Backstroke and refining Freestyle
  • Level 3 - Intro to Butterfly and Breaststroke with focus on Butterfly
  • Level 4 - Mastery of Breaststroke and continue refining all other strokes
  • Level 5 - Introduction to competitive swim 

Before on-line registration, please bring your swimmer to be evaluated by one of our swim instructors. Evaluations will take 5-10 minutes. Please call (865) 268-4011, ‬or email to schedule an appointment. No evaluations needed for the preschool or level 1 classes.

Evaluation Schedule:        

  • Spring Open House TBA from 2:00-4:00pm @ Green Meadow Country Club pool
  • January, TBA 4:00-5:00pm @ Green Meadow Country Club pool
  • After February 3rd: Monday - Thursday, starting at 5:00pm. Please contact us to schedule 


Registration is ongoing so you can register whenever your child is ready to start swimming. Think of each swim class for each child as an item that you are purchasing and putting into your shopping cart. Different days and different children are different items. Everything can go into the shopping cart and purchased together at the end of the registration process. During registration, you will be billed for the current month and you can start classes immediately. After the first month, you will be billed on a monthly recurring basis until you cancel your lessons. REMEMBER: You must email us at in order to request cancelation. Verbal cancelations will not be accepted.

Class Fees 

You may register for more than one lesson/day per week. You will be billed according to the number of lessons for which you are registered.  For example, Monday and Wednesday level 1 class will be $30 per week.

Preschool - Level 4 (30 minutes): $15 per lesson

Level 5 (60 minutes): $18 per lesson

*Each Account will be charged every 1st of the month, until cancelation has been requested via email

Level 5: Introduction to Competitive Swim

Swimmer in level 5 will:
Prepare for swim team by polishing all four swim strokes.
Begin developing race starts, flip turns, open turns, backstroke counts, & endurance training
Learn swim practice lingo, and how to read and manage a swim workout.
The focus is competitive techniques and strategies, geared towards the swimmer who wants to compete.

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