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This is a class with 2 children to one instructor. You will enter one child and need to submit the second name to the program director via email. We will not match students.

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Parent-Tot (Ages 0-3)


For children 4 months to 3 years, we offer Parent-Tot Lessons, which are run in a 90 degree River Pool at our Marmion Location and a 90 degree Therapy Pool at our Melissa Lane Location.

At Swim With Bill we know that the interactions you have with your children in the pool are crucial to their overall development both as children and young swimmers. This class is designed to teach parents the skills necessary to safely interact with and teach their children at the pool in a fun and productive way.

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Preschool (Ages 3-5)

group - preschool

We offer our preschool lessons program to or our younger swimmers who comfortable being in the water without a parent. At Swim With Bill, our specialized preschool curriculum is designed to take young swimmers who are familiar with the water and teach them to be comfortable swimming and treading water unassisted.

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School Age (Ages 5-18)

Group - School Age

We offer School Age Lessons at all four of our locations across Chicagoland. Using the SwimAmerica curriculum, Swim With Bill teaches the most efficient swimming techniques in a simple, easy to follow format where each level builds on the skills learned in previous levels.

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Private Lessons

private lessons

At Swim With Bill, we offer private lessons for children. The private swimming lessons are structured to advance through the Swim With Bill curriculum at an accelerated rate based on your child's abilities. We use all our tools and swimming aids to create the perfect one-on-one learning environment. With our private lessons we have found that children advance their swimming skills at a much faster rate than the group lessons.

Private lessons offer flexible scheduling and the opportunity to request the same instructor for every lesson.

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