Welcome to the Center Grove Aquatic Club Swim Lesson Registration platform for the 2018 Swim Lessons Program!


Thank you for your support of the Center Grove Aquatic Club Swim Lesson Program! We strive to provide quality instruction and private one-on-one swim lessons taught by highly trained instructors to ensure that children have a successful learn-to-swim experience with our program. 

For the 2018 Swim lesson program, the lesson instruction format will consist of has been 40 minutes of instruction for 4 consecutive days.  This means each swim lesson session will run from Monday-Thursday for 40 minutes each day. There are no lessons held Friday-Sunday.  The cost for private swim lessons is $75 per registered swimmer. You can register your swimmer for more than one session. 

To Register your child for swim lessons:

  1. Select/click CGAC Swim Lesson Program below 
  2. Select/click Sub Program-2018 Private Swim Lessons 
  3. Review 'Private Swim Lessons".  For the Spring Swim Lesson Program there are SIX (6) sessions to choose from.  
  4. Session Format: One Session = 4 private one-on-one lessons. Each lesson is 40 minutes in length. 4 Time slots are available to choose from:
    1. 5pm-5:40pm
    2. 5:45pm-6:20pm
    3. 6:30pm-7:10pm
    4.  7:15pm-7:55pm
  5.  Lessons run Monday-Thursday. No swim lessons will be held on Friday, Saturday or Sunday during the school year.
  6. Flexible Schedules Available: Each Individual swimmer can sign up for a sessions that best fit your schedule. There are 6 slots per each time session.
  7. Cost: Each session costs $75 
  8. Location: Lessons take place at the indoor Center Grove High School Pool during the school year. 
  9. Click on the GREEN register button to begin the registration process.  Sessions will fill quickly so if you are considering partivipating in multiple session-we recommend that you sign up for all appropriate sessions at one time. 
  10. Add your swimmer's information
  11. Add to shopping cart (click the GREEN button)
  12. Complete registration, medical waiver/liability form and enter your payment option.
  13. Cost is $75 per registered swimmer per session. We no longer accept cash or check payments.
  14. When paying by credit card, you will receive a confirmation showing what was charged to you credit/debit card. This is confirmation that your swimmer was placed in your selected session. 
  15. Receive your 'Success' confirmation.
  16. Be sure to Mark your calendars for the time slot you selected.


**Please note: We will no longer take registrations over the phone, in person, or via email. All class participants must register on-line for upcoming classes.

*Due to class sizes, there are NO MAKEUP days if a student misses classes. NO REFUNDS will be issued once registration is received unless accompanied by a signed doctor's release or note.

Thank you for registering with Center Grove Aquatic Club Swim Lesson Program!