Pre-Competitive Developmental Swim Program REGISTRATION

Registration for Session 5 opens in August.  Please check back for future date.

Level 1


  • Child is between the ages of 5-8
  • Can swim independently, 5 foot to the wall with face in the water, without googles
  • Can float on their back independently


  • Swim/Float/Swim the length of the pool without the instructor in the water
  • Proper head position
  • Begin Freestyle and Backstroke development

Level 2


  • Child is between the ages of 5-8
  • Can swim 15 yards Freestyle using overarm recovery and side breathing, without instructor in the water
  • Can swim 15 yards Backstroke without instructor in the water


  • Proper technique for Freestyle and Backstroke, including breathing patterns, sculling and balance drills
  • Introduction to Breaststroke and Butterfly

Level 3


  • Child is between the ages of 5-8
  • Swim the length of the pool (25 meters) for both Freestyle and Backstroke, using proper technique for each stroke
  • A desire to join a competitive swim team


  • Focus on proper technique for Breaststroke and Butterfly
  • Continue to strengthen Freestyle and Backstroke for endurance
  • Master listening and coordination skills


Mandatory Skill Evaluation Day: 

- Returning swimmers who participated in  Session 2 of the Pre-Competitive Developmental Swim Program -Mandatory Skill Evaluation Day is not required.  Your swimmer will be placed in the appropriate Level based off of their last assessment.

- New members - are required to attend the fiollowing mandatory Skill Evaluation Day

*****Session 3 - June 5th, 10:15AM - 11:15AM, at the Vista School******

****Session 4 - Please check back for date - at the Vista School**** 

Please note:  Swimmers are not permitted to use goggles for the evaluation..



Session 3 Levels 1 - 3 

June 7th - 24th, 4:45PM - 5:25PM

Group B (Mon/Wed practice days)                                                 $100 (for a total of 6 classes)

Group C (Tues/Thurs  practice days)                                             $100 (for a total of 6 classes)


Session 4 Levels 1 - 3 

July 12th - July 29th, 4:45PM - 5:25PM

Group B (Mon/Wed practice days)                                                 $100 (for a total of 6 classes)

Group C (Tues/Thurs  practice days)                                             $100 (for a total of 6 classes)


Please note: 

* There is a $25 registration fee per child that will be charged in addition to program fees. The registration fee is non-refundable should you need to cancel or are discharged from the program for any reason.

* Program fees are refundable (less the $25 registration fee) if you cancel no later than seven (7) days prior to the start of the session. If you cancel within seven (7) days of the session, HAC may be able to provide you with a refund, if we can find a replacement for the spot your swimmer reserved. No refunds will be provided after the start of the session, unless otherwise noted.

* In the event that HAC is required by the Vista School, or the State of Pennsylvania, to stop holding Swim lessons for a period of time due to Covid-19, HAC will prorate the portion of the Session that was missed and provide a refund in that amount. 

* Because HAC wants to provide a safe environment for all of our swimmers, if your swimmer needs to stay home for a week or more during the Session due to Covid-19, or symptoms related to Covid-19, please contact Nicole Paul to arrange for that Session's fees to be prorated.

*  It is highly recommended that if the Session is full that you register your swimmer  for the "wait list".  HAC pulls from their wait list first for all openings once registration closes and will also contact wait list members with future registration opportunities.

**MUST READ BEFORE REGISTERING** Please read and adhere to all guidelines and procedures provided in this document:  

               *COVID-19 VISTA School Pool Procedures  


If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Doris Herbein, [email protected]

before registering

Session 5 returning in the Fall/Winter of 2021.   Exact dates to be released soon

please check back for registration dates and details


Sessions will run year round. with a pause for the month of March and August 2021

Please continue to check our website for future Session information.