Welcome to the online registration system for the                                         North Penn Community Aquatic Programs       


                               All swim lesson programs have been cancelled for the summer 2020                          due to COVID - 19

                          Please visit the website again in August 2020 for information concerning                              our Fall 2020 swim lessons



Please follow these steps to register: 

1- Pick class and scroll to bottom of page. Make sure the class is what you want to register for and click register.

2- Membership fees are due each September (see below). Please pick the appropriate membership fee (family use one child) and click register.  *These are two separate registrations.

As always...Thank you for your patience and please email if you have any questions. 

The North Penn Community Aquatic Swim Lesson Classes are taught by experienced instructors with a teacher-student ratio of approximately 1 to 5. Classes will not run with fewer than three students. Participants must be members of the North Penn Community Aquatic Program. Former participants should bring a copy of their last progress sheet to the first class. No goggles are to be worn for children in the Pre-Beginner, Beginner and Beginner 1 levels. Children must be at least five years of age and at least 45" tall. These lessons are for children up to 12 years of age. If space is available, registrations will be taken after the first day of class, but cannot be prorated.

Annual membership fee is required of all participants (resident and non-residents) ages five and above. Memberships are valid September 2019 through July 2020 and are not transferable. Our membership fees follow the school calendar year. 

Single Membership Fee:  $25 resident, $30 non-resident

Family Membership Fee (3 participants and above):  $54 resident family, $64 non-resident family          *Please use one child/parent for the family membership

Medical cards can be found at www.npenn.org/aquatics - How to Join the Pool. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Rhonda Diliberto, Aquatic Director at diliber@npenn.org.  Also visit our website at www.npenn.org/aquatics.