The Holland Community Aquatic Center (HCAC) Stroke Technique sessions are designed to allow competitive swimmers to get more in-depth feedback on their stroke mechanics from nationally recognized coaches.  These sessions are not attached to any Club swimming entity and they are available to all competitive swimmers ages 18 and younger!

Who would benefit from these sessions?

  • Swimmers that are unable to attend current swim practices for their schools and clubs.
  • Swimmers wanting to supplement their training with stroke sessions and video analysis.  
  • Swimmers wanting to rent time with our USA team coaches.
  • Swimmers currently in High School seasons that would like to do sessions with us as a compliment to their training.  

Important information about the Holland Community Aquatic Center:

The HCAC is currently under exciting renovations and expansion!  This does mean we have a few changes to how you will need to enter the building:

  • Please park in the new parking lot (it may seem like it is still under construction).  Try to arrive 10 minutes before your lesson - we just do not have a waiting area for you at this time. 
  • Enter the building through the new "temporary main entrance," on the Washington Ave side of the building. 
  • Head to the new front desk just through the entry doors. 
  • Parents are welcome to join us on deck on the bleachers that are placed on the deck. 
  • Swimmers, please bring your equipment bag - not the end of the world if you do not have access to it.  

See you on deck!