Maverick Aquatics offers innovative, effective lessons taught by great instructors.  Our mission is for students to swim properly and love doing it.   Please contact Sean Taylor at 503-943-0246, or, with any questions or thoughts.

Registration links are at the bottom.

You'll need to register into the system before enrolling in your first class.  We'll need the students' Middle Initial, though not the full Middle Name.

Online registration for fall lessons open, Monday, August 13, 8 am.  It is credit card only.  If you need to pay by check, you'll need to do so at the pool.  If necessary, contact me for open hours.

Those on Free/Reduced lunch are eligible for a 1/2 price discount.  The discount is activated on Monday, August 27, for all Fall Sessions. Please contact me at 503-943-0246, or, e-mail at for the new coupon code.  The pool is open, 1-3 pm, and, 7:30-9 pm, all that week for on-site registration.

Because of reduced school year offerings, make-up lessons will be more difficult to provide.  We'll do our best.

There is a Medical/Liability Waiver.   Please check the box at the bottom of each, if your comfortable with the waivers' requirements.  You do not need to fill in the text.



Sean Taylor


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