Temecula Swim Club Shark Attack Summer Programs

Hello and thank you for choosing our orgnization for your summer swim program! We have choices for beginning and intermediate swim lessons for swimmers looking to learn competitive swimming technique, high school aquatics preparation, and private lessons for any levels.If you have any questions regarding registration please e-mail Coach Jenn Beech at [email protected] or our Team Registrar, Nicole Muir at [email protected]

What Group Should I Register My Swimmer For?

Summer 2020 Lessons Coming Soon

Learn To Swim Levels 1-3

Length: 2 week session with each practice 30 minutes long

Ages: Starting at age 3 (as long as they are potty trained)- 15

Days: Monday-Thursday

For beginning swimmers, we offer a comprehensive "Learn To Swim" program with three levels offered where your child can get an introduction into water safety, with floating, streamline, and breathing skills. Over the summer session your child will quickly gain confidence in their ability to swim, enjoy their time in the water, and will even learn basic freestyle stroke technique

Pick the time slot you prefer for your swimmer and they will be assessed on the first day of practice for which level is best for them. (Your time of practice will not change according to the level they are placed in).This simplifies the registration process as you only need to pick a best time for you!

See below a breakdown of what you can expect at each level.

Level 1 = Water adjustment. Children will learn to be more comfortable in the water, as well as beginning to learn floating on front and back, breath holding, rhythmic breathing, and safely entering and exiting the pool.

Level 2 = Beginning swimming. Children will build on skills from level 1 as well as learning proper body position for swimming on front and back. They will begin learning to propel themselves forward on front and back, and will begin to learn side breathing.

Level 3 = Strokes and kicking. Children will build on skills from previous groups as well as learning backstroke and freestyle, and will begin to learn skills for turns.

Youth Summer League:

Length: 4 week session with each practice 45 minutes in length.

Days: Monday-Thursday

Our youth summer leagueis perfect for the swimmer that already has the basic skills down,but would like to work on techniques of all four swimming strokes. during the 4 week lessons we will focus on freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly as well as introduction to turns and starting dives. This group is for swimmers 4 years old up to 12 years old and those able to swim a 25 yard freestyle without stopping.


Swimmers need to be 3 years old and potty trained.

For availability and to schedule private lessons please email   [email protected]  

High School Summer League:?

Length: 8 week session with advanced practices being 90 minutes in length and beginning practices being 60 minutes in length.

Days: Monday-Thursday

This program is for high school swimmers wanting to brush up on the four competitive strokes, refine starts and turns; and build endurance. This program is also a great introduction for those who wish to transfer over to swimming club year round.

Beginning High School Group: This group is for those who don't know the all of the competitive strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle). This group is designed to learn all of these strokes.

Intermediate/Advanced High School Group: This group is designed for those who already know all the competitive strokes and would like to improve their endurance.

We hope that you find a group that will work for you!


**Please Note: Refunds can only be issued BEFORE the start of the session. Once the first class of the session starts no refund will be issued. There will be a $3.00 processing fee for any refunds before the start of the session.**