Swim Lessons

South Park Aquatic Club Lessons

South Park Aquatics Club offers group swim lessons for children ages 4 and up. The classes are a work at your own pace approach. Students are given goals and rewarded for advancing into each of the 8 levels. Members of the swim team teach the lessons and are with the children at all times. Coaches supervise deckside.

Cash or check (made payable to SPAC) for $50.00  will be accepted on the first evening of lessons. There are only 6 classes in this session.

All new students start in level one and can pass into higher levels at their own pace. They can even pass multiple levels in one class!

Classes will be held:  Jan. 27,28,29 and Feb. 3,4,5

We will have one 1/2 hour session.  Session  7:05pm-7:40pm 

Class space is limited to 20