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Group Swim Lessons


Private Swim Instruction 

Competitive CHS Club Swim Team


Don Lugo and Chino Hills HS Pool Pending Coach Availability Year-Round 
June 6th - Aug 11th Sept through Aug Sept thru Aug 
Online Registration  Request Private Coach Online Registration 
Registration open 4/1 30 minute lesson No wait list 
Ages 3 - 16 Private or Semi CHHS Pool
Reg closes one week prior to session Request Private Coach Accepting New Swim Team Members Now
$125/2 Week Session/30 minutes per lesson Varies per Coach Annual CHA and USA Swimming memberships required, monthly practice dues

2 Week Session 4 (30 minute) lessons per week

Varies 4 (30 min) lessons $120-$160 Annual membership only


Thank you for your interest in Chino Hills Aquatics! We are re-opening for swim team on May 3rd, and for group lessons on June 7th! Registration for both will begin soon! If you would like to be contacted when registration opens, please email Shelly Burnett @ [email protected] and include your name, number of swimmers and ages, and whether you are looking for a year round swim team or group lessons.

Looking forward to seeing you at the pool! 

Chino Hills Aquatics is committed to making sure swim instruction and drownproofing is available to all populations. We are championing the "BUILD CHINO VALLEY AQUATICS FITNESS & WELLNESS CENTER" project to build a facility that provides a community pool for aquatics and safety programs for the Pomona and Chino Valley communities. Until this facility is built, we must partner with local high schools swimming pools and other pools available for aquatics programs. Group Swim Lesson Readiness Policy:

We are committed to creating an optimal learning environment for all participants ages 3 and older.  Group instruction requires the participant have a certain level of comfort in the water and independence. Group instruction may not be the most effective learning environment for children experiencing extreme fear of swimming or separation anxiety from parent. There are many factors that can effect a child's comfort level around water but addressing those issues requires individual one to one attention. In consideration for the other children in the class, a distressed child may be removed from the class.

If a child is exhibiting significant distress determined by inconsolable crying or screaming that lasts longer than 5 minutes more than two days in a row, the child will be removed from the class and parent notified and will receive a full refund.  We recommend one-on-one instruction which is the most effective teaching environment for kids experiencing extreme distress.