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Chena Skills is our pre-competitive lessons program for swimmers in Kindergarden through Grade 5. Our program focuses on swimming basics and fundamentals as they pertain to competitive swim racing. Our goal is to build rock solid foundations that provide a platform for which swimmers can excel in their long term development as atheletes. Chena Skills offers three programs, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each class will have their own Coach for the entire session. See our Skills Instructors Page for the bio's of all our Skills Coaches. For more details about our programs, view the descriptions further along on this page or view our full Chena Skills Program PDF. For details about next steps after Skills with the Chena Junior Program view the Chena Junior Program PDF.


  • Past Email Newsletter: You can see all of our past email newsletters online here. Our most recent newsletter was 2022 August 8th. Click here to join our Chena Skills Mailing List. Through the newsletter we share important information about Assessment Days, Class Schedules, and Registration Periods.
  • 2022 July 12: Spring Report Cards & Next Class Reccomendations: All of our next class reccomendations for each of our swimmers who participated in the Spring Session of Skills are now posted on our Class Invitation List. See what class you should register your child in by finding them in the list. 
  • 2022 July 12: Summer Assessment Days on August 9th & 11th. If you are a new swimmers looking to join us this summer, please register for an assessment. Sign-up your child in one of the time slots we have available. Your child must be assessed or reccomended for a class before we will accept your registration from this page. 
  • 2022 July 12: Summer Schedule Version 1 is now posted. See the Online Schedule Here. This schedule will be updated in real time if any changes are required. Registration for returning swimmers will open at 10am on Tuesday July 26th. Registration will open to all new swimmers including those newly assessed at 10am on Friday August 12th. The first classes of the Summer session are scheduled to start Monday August 15th. 
  • 2022 July 25: Registration Date Delay. Registration for returning swimmers is being pushed back one week to 10am Tuesday August 2ndRegistration for new swimmers will continue to be on August 12th.
  • 2022 August 11: Bronze Cancelled. Unfortunately due to staff shortages we have needed to cancel our Bronze class for the summer. Our Silver and Gold class will continue to run as normal. We hope to have our Bronze classes return in the fall. Schedule Version 2 is now current. 

Swimmers must be comfortable in the water without parental supervision before entry into our program. Loosely, this means a swimmer should be able to complete 25m of swimming or kicking with a board and be comfortable in the deep end of the pool. To enter the Silver program a swimmer should be able to correctly perform the motions of Breaststroke Kick and have a strong understanding of Freestyle Kick.


If you have a child who is joining Chena Skills for the first time there are four steps to registering and securing a spot for your child. Start with Step 1 and join the mailing list. Through the email list we provide updates on registration opening times or program scheduling and other Chena Skills News. After you have joined the mailing list, please find a assessment time slot that is available and sign-up your child to be assessed. 

After your child has been assessed, you may recieve an assessment card that reccomends a level. During  assessments, please know that this reccomendation is preliminary and may be subject to change particularly if we are assessing a large number of children. In this case, it may take us a few days to add your child's class invitation to our Class Invitation List. All the invitations will be posted prior to registration opening.

Once you have a class invitation, you can proceed to step 4 and register for your class. Once you submit your registration, the Skills Registrar will review that your registration matches the coaches reccomendation, accept you to the class, and direct you on how to pay the class fees. Once your fees are paid you are fully registered!

"Help! The class I am invited to register for is full!"

If you are invited to a class but that class is full, it is okay to register down a level. For example, if you are invited to Gold, but Gold is full you can register for a Silver Level 2 class. If you want to register up a level, for example Silver 1 to Silver 2, we might be able to accomodate you but please contact Coach George first for permission. 

Registering a Returning Swimmer

If it has been a while since your last Skills session (more than a year ago) please follow all the steps and start with filling out our Intake Form. If you have participated in a recent session of Chena Skills and would like to register for Chena Skills again, you may already have an invitation to your next class and you do not need to be assessed again. To see if you have an invitation, click on the Step 3 button below.  


Step 1: Join the Mailing List & Read Past Newsletters

Step 2: Get Assessed at the Pool

Step 3: View your Class Invitation

Step 4: Register for a Class (On this webpage! Scroll down)

Step 5: Pay your Fees


Note: When registering the system only allows the "Pay by Check" option to show. Payment must be by E-Transfer to [email protected]. Full e-transfer instructions will be provided after pay by check has been selected.


Chena Skills runs four sessions per year.

  • Fall: Septmber-December, 8-weeks, 1-2x per week
  • Winter: January-March, 8-weeks, 1-2x per week
  • Spring: April-June, 8-weeks, 1-2x per week
  • Summer: August, 3-weeks, 3x per week

During the last week of each session, we offer an optional mini-meet where your swimmer can try competing in a familiar, supportive and fun setting. On the last lesson of the session your coach will have a progress report card for each swimmer that will include their reccomendation for which program to register in for their next session. If your swimmer attends the mini-meet a certificate is awarded with their events and times achieved at the conclusion of the event.

Schedule: Summer 2022

See the most up to date Schedule online in real time here.


For both Bronze and Silver, there is only one fee per session. A one-time Swim BC fee is also required once per year for registration and insurance purposes. The current fees for the Chena Skills programs not including the swim BC fee are:

  • 8-class session + 1 Mini Meet: Bronze: $225 per swimmer
  • 16-class session + 1 Mini Meet: Silver/Gold: $425 per swimmer
  • For each extra class scheduled, add $25. (Example: 17 classes = $450)

The class fee may be reduced for some classes if there is less pool time available for that specific class. Fees for each class can be viewed on the PDF schedule. The Swim BC Fee is $47 (reduced to $20 in the summer) and only needs to be paid once per season (Sept1-Aug31). Payment for Chena Skills is by e-transfer only. E-transfers can be sent to [email protected]. Please use the password "chenaskills" without quotation marks and include the swimmer's name and lesson day in the note field. If you have any more questions about registration or fees, please email the Skills Registrar ([email protected]) or the Lead Junior Coach George Hill ([email protected]).

DISCLAIMER: Chena Skills programs may potentially be affected by Provincial Health Orders and changing public health situations.

Missed Classes

It is expected that swimmers will participate in all classes in a session. In case of extraordinary circumstances such as surgeries, unexpected injuries, emergency travel, or some other unexpected event we may be able to offer your child to swim with one of the other classes. Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We recieve many requests for make-up classes and unfortunately, out of respect for the other families participating in this program, we are not able to fufil every request for a make-up class. If you are in a difficult situation and reuire help do not hesitate to email us and ask us for consideration. 

  • Chena Kickboard (REQUIRED): New this year we will require all Chena Skills swimmers to use a Chena Kickboard. Every swimmers first kickboard is free of charge. If you lose your kickboard the replacement cost is $15 for skills swimmers (a 50% discount!). Please let us know if you need a new kickboard before you pay your class fees.
  • Goggles (REQUIRED): Goggles are required for our swim program.
  • Swimsuits: We recommend swimmers wear tight fitting swimsuits as they are warmer and easier to learn to swim in.
  • Wetsuits: While wetsuits in some instances can provide warmth, they can limit mobility and can actually make you colder in the water while being a barrier to learning. We generally do not recommend wetsuits.
  • Shirts/Rashgaurds: We generally do not recommend shirts or rashgaurds as they hold more water against the skin while a swimmer is out of the water, thus sucking out more heat from a swimmers body as the body attempts to evaporate the water. In our experience, swimmers are warmer without shirts or rashgauards.
  • Flippers (REQUIRED): Short flippers are required. We recommend Speedo Switchblade Fins or an equivalent short blade fin. Please do not buy long blade fins as they encourage poor kicking technique.
  • Team Aquatics Supplies Discount: After you register with Chena you will get access to the Chena Team Aquatics Supplies Discount Card. You can find the discount card under the Handbook tab on our website after you sign-in. When buying fins or goggles the store normally has much more in stock if you simply visit them in person. Buying online may mean weeks of delivery time and you may not get your equipment until mid-way through the season.
Report Cards

Did you miss getting your report card at the end of your last class? You can now see and print your report card online by doing a search in our online report card database here. Use the drop down boxes to enter the Year, the Session, the Class Letter. It will then update the last drop down box to have the names of all the swimmers who were in that class. Simply click the drop down box and find your swimmer's name. If you don't see your swimmer's name double check that you have the correct class letter. If you are still having trouble, send us an email and we can get it for you. 

Chena Skills SILVER

Silver builds upon Bronze through the reinforcement and continued improvement of swimming basics such as kicking and streamline while in a more social group setting. Silver introduces the four swimming strokes, kicking fast and mini-fun competitions. Silver is aimed at swimmers aged 6-9 who have some basic swimming proficiency and are developing kicking techniques.

» Come to the pool excited to swim
» Make new friendships and connections
» Practice kindness and respect
» Swim 2 lengths without stopping
» Develop breaststroke & dolphin kicks
» Learn basic freestyle and backstroke movements
» Become comfortable on your back
» Learn new kicking drills
» Experiment with kicking fast

The Classes listed below may have different schedules. Please view the Online Schedule for the most up to date schedule for each class including pools, dates, times and any exceptions.

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Chena Skills GOLD

In lieu of a Junior White program, this season we will be offering our introductory competitive level for Grades 5 and under via Chena Skills Gold. The Gold group will be introduced to competitive aspects of swimming while further reinforcing swimming basics such as kicking and streamline. Teaching will focus on developing full stroke swimming and learning the rules for all four strokes.

» Come to the pool excited to learn
» Be a positive role model for behaviour
» Swim 4 lengths without stopping
» Become proficient at breaststroke & dolphin kicks
» Start to implement swim stroke movements
» Begin to learn Fly, Breaststroke, and IM
» Have fun swimming fast and competing with fast flutter kick
» Get your first ever Best Time!

The Classes listed below may have different schedules. Please view the Online Schedule for the most up to date schedule for each class including pools, dates, times and any exceptions.

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