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Welcome to COM Aquatics Learn-To-Swim Program. COM Aquatics has been teaching swim lessons since 1972. We teach thousands of swim lessons year-round. You are giving your child the opportunity to learn and improve their swimming skills in a friendly and fun environment. Our instructors are committed to offering the best learning experience for your child.


COM Philosophy: Each swimmer should develop a good self-image and “Yes, I can!” attitude, this is the cornerstone of a healthy personality. Learning to swim and meeting each new challenge along the way builds courage, confidence and personal discipline not only in the water but in life as well.


Frequently Asked Questions:

 What is the Learn to Swim program?

            The Learn to Swim program is based off of the progression of learning for children. Each level takes it a step farther than the last, not pushing to hard but incorporating each stroke slowly at a fun pace. We encourage our instructors to laugh and have fun with the children as they will learn more with laughter. We start with the very basics and work up to all four competitive strokes, diving and flip turns. All instructors are trained before they have their own classes on the levels, how to handle all situations and how to respond to different personalities. Safety is our policy! We teach safety above all else especially with our little ones. Once they have the safety down we go into the technique of swimming.

What if my child is afraid to swim?

            That’s a good first instinct. We should all respect water. Their fear will be overcome and their respect for water will grow. At COM our swim teachers take a caring approach to teaching children how to swim. Our teachers are trained to help reluctant children adapt to the water.

Should my child take group or private lessons?

            Swimming is a sport activity usually done with friends. Children learn how to be safe and comfortable in a group situation with others around. There will always be children splashing and playing at pools therefore we do group lessons with children 4 and above. We find that children encourage and challenge each other to learn. For the majority of children we recommend group lessons.

Types of Swim lessons offered by COM Aquatics:

            Group lessons: This is a great way for children to learn to swim with other children. We teach the four competitive strokes, Butterfly, Backstroke, and Breaststroke & Freestyle. We use entertainment activities to help spark a child’s interest. The swimmer must be at least 4 years old. We will book up to four swimmers in a group lesson.

            Semi-Private lessons: Semi-Private lessons are for children who are 3 years old. We offer semi-private lessons for older children who cannot function in a group lesson or has had an experience to traumatize them to water. This is only available on the recommendation of the Director.

            Private lessons: Private lessons are available only at the recommendation of the Director. Private lessons are a one-on-one activity when extra attention is needed or the child has special needs and cannot function with other swimmers. We strongly discourage private lessons.

            Parent-Tot: The parent will work with their child and become an important part of the learning process. The goal of this class is to help the parent and child achieve comfort in the water through repetition of basic skills. It will also help them learn techniques and routines used to provide a safe and fun experience and make the transition to swimming lessons easier for the child and parent.

            COM Swim Team: After swimming in the Learn to Swim program and passing level 6 the director will make the recommendation for swim team. Andy Korda the head coach will then contact parents to visit about questions they may have. Then the swimmer will then swim for a coach so that they may be placed on the correct level of team.

           Dive Team:When your child can comfortable swim 25 yards of freestyle (level 6 of Big level Progression) they can move to the dive team. John Proctor is our head coach.



How long should I wait between lessons if I want to take some time off?

            No longer than one to two sessions, three or more sessions and your child will have to relearn many of their “swim skills”.


My child has not been swimming since last summer, what should I expect?

            Your child will have grown, and their muscles and motor skills will have developed; however their swim muscles have not been used for many months. Their center of balance, which helps with body position, will have changed with their growth. The first few lessons will be a time for your child to relearn the skills required to progress in swimming. Be patient and let the teachers work with the swimmers to re-acquire their swim skills. If they were in technique classes last year, they will start with regular lessons until they regain the skills and endurance.

 At what rate should my child progress?

            At COM we try to place children in appropriate groups according to their age and level. We are aware that all children learn at different rates. Please do not be worried if it seems that your child has reached a plateau at a certain class level. It is common for children to appear to make no progress at all in some stages. Out instructor’s work hard to build a trusting relationship with each child, making the learning process easier and more positive. We also provide a “deck person” who is tracking your child’s progression in the Learn to Swim levels.



 How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

            Every child learns at their own rate, some children may pass the first 3-4 levels in the first month of lessons, then may take one, two or even more sessions to progress to the next level. No two children are alike. Each child progresses at a different pace, has different personalities and is at different stages of development and coordination. Nonetheless, what they all have in common is the ability to learn to swim. Some will be swimming quickly and others may take more time. We want this to be a positive learning experience. Our approach is to teach in a positive and caring environment that equips children with the skills necessary to be safe in the water and encourages them to reach their full potential.


What can I do at home?

  1. Getting a child’s face wet is usually not a problem, but getting their head and hair wet can be. Parents should start this at home in the bathtub before coming to class. Start by dripping water over the head and continue to a light shower.
  2. Other skills that can be practiced in the bathtub are getting the eyes and ears wet, blowing bubbles, getting the full face under water, lying on the back with ears submerged and kicking on the front and back.
  3. Children can stand in front of the mirror and practice their arm movement. Or while watching TV practice their kicks. (This will give the parents a time to be involved in the learning process of their children)


What is your discipline policy?

           If your child misbehaves (splashes other swimmers, spit, hits or disrupts the class, est.) they will be put into a short time out (subject to the teachers discretion) the 2nd time they disrupt they will be sent to you the parent or guardian for correction. They may return to the lesson. The third time they will be asked to leave the lesson. They may return the next scheduled lesson. However if the misbehavior continues they will be expelled from class. There are no make-ups or refunds for misbehavior.


 If we sign up for more than one session, will my child always get the same time slot and teacher?

           You will need to resign your child each session; we do not reserve time spots without payment. The earlier you sign-up the more likely you will have the time you request.

           You may request a teacher. You may not get that teacher, but we will try to have a similar-type teacher. We have many teachers with different personalities and strengths as we have many students with different personalities; our goal is to offer the best experience for your child. If you have concerns about your child’s class try 2-3 lessons if you are still concerned, contact Kelli @ 684-7755 X 112 or


For Your Information:

Goggles: Almost everyone’s eyes are sensitive to chlorinated water. It is therefore recommended that you get a pair of goggles for your child. Children also have 20/300 vision without goggles under water and with goggles they will have 20/20 vision. Having goggles also helps the child to feel more comfortable because they are able to see and they are able to see and they are not rubbing their eyes trying to get the water out.

Earplugs:Your child will need earplugs if they have tubes in their ear, chronic ear infections, or if you are under the advice of your doctor to have them. The COM Swim Shop located on the South East corner of the building, sell earplugs, which keep the water out but allow a child to heat through them.

Nose plugs:COM discourages nose plugs or holding the nose when swimming. Your child will learn to blow bubbles out of their nose and breathe air in through the mouth.

Pools:We teach in 2 pools: the 12 ½ yard, 3-lane Gathercole Pool. This pool is maintained at 90 degrees year-round. We also teach in the first couple of lanes in the 25 yard Mabee Pool. This pool is maintained at 83-84 degrees year-round.

American Academy of Pediatrics says:Parents should not feel secure that their child is safe in the water or safe from drowning after participating in an aquatic program. Whenever infants and toddlers are in or around water, an adult should be within and arm’s length to provide “touch supervision.”




Thank you for allowing COM Aquatics to teach your children to swim!