Swim Lessons

Ski Hi Aquatics Lessons

Welcome to Ski Hi Aquatics Swimming Lessons registration! We are pleased to provide high quality learning from some of the best swim instructors in the San Luis Valley.  Please click through and select the class that you feel is the right fit for your child. If that class ends up being too easy (or too hard) we have the flexibility to move them to the appropriate class after the session starts. We want every child to be challenged during class, but still be able to have fun!  We do not offer online payment at this time, but if the need is there we may add that as an option in the future. Thank you for choosing to swim with us, we look forward to working with you!




We also offer PRIVATE lessons at any time! Rates are $30 for a 30 minute 1-on-1 class, or $40 for a 30 minute semi private lesson, 1 instructor per 2 kids of the same ability level. Contact Coach Melinda at [email protected] for more info.