Swim Lessons

Southridge Aquatic Raider Gators Lessons

Please Select Class that fits your swimmers skills needs.  If you are not sure of skills always start in Level 1. (If you have selected one class and want to switch to the other class, you will need to toggle back to All Groups to get the other class to appear in the drop down.)

Level 1

*Work on going under water

*Work on front float with face in water (supported)

*Back float with ears in water (supported)

*Go underwater, then recover to standing or side of pool on own


Level 2 would be able to:


*Pick up items off the bottom of pool

*Front float

*Freestyle swim (at least 10 yards)

*Backstroke swim  (at least 10 yards)


Please ensure your selection of class level, dates, and times are the ones you need.  We don't have ability to reschedule or make up a class because of swimmer/parent personal conflicts.  We will try our best to make up a classes if pool is closed after enrollment is completed: Weather, maintenance, or other pool event/function conflict.

Please answer all required information and complete payment in order to get confirmation complete.  Without confirmation of your transaction, it was not completed and your swimmer is not in our system as enrolled. 

Enrollment is limited to the national safety standards of Instructor vs swimmers.  There are no refunds and no waiting lists. Enrollment can be only transferred to the next class session enrollment of equal value but only once.