Swim Lessons

Great Lakes Sailfish Swimming Lessons


JR Sailfish



Session 2: January 4-February 22

$40 Registration fee (annual)

$85 Class fee


Swimmers should to able to swim a full length of Freestyle an Backstroke without stopping.  When registering please review the class requirements. If, we notice your child does not meet the Jr. Sailfish requirements GLSS will refund the class and provide group lesson information



If your child needs learn to swim group lessons please look into our partner programs:







Junior Sailfish

The Junior Sailfish Program is an introduction to competitive swimming. GLSS provides highly qualified coaches to work with small swim groups. They will focus on teaching proper technique in all 4 strokes, gaining endurance and learning the foundations of the sport while having fun! This is a great way to prepare newer swimmers for the GLSS competitive team.

Swimmers should:
● have the ability to swim a 25 of freestyle and backstroke
● have an idea of breaststroke and butterfly
This program runs for 6-8 week sessions. Classes are 45 minutes long

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