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Welcome to  Allegan Swim School Lesson Registration platform! The registration process is simple for both new and returning families. You’ll get access to your own private account to view/edit your contact information and current and past class histories. 

2018 Lessons Dates (for SwimAmerica Group Lessons, Parent Child and Adult Lessons):

   Session 10:  Oct. 1 - Oct. 18

   Session 11: Oct. 29 - Nov. 15

   Session 12: Nov. 26 - Dec. 14

2019 Lessons Dates (for SwimAmerica Group Lessons, Parent Child and Adult Lessons):

  Session 1:  Jan. 14 - 31

  Session 2:  Feb. 11 - 28

  Session 3:  March 11 - 28

  Session 4:  April 8 - 25

  Session 5:  May 6 - 23

*Classes are on Monday's AND Thursday's (2 days a week for 3 weeks=6 lessons)

Homeschool Lessons-these are only for those that are in a homeschool program.  We are registered with the Hamilton Homeschool Partnership.  These lessons are available to ANY homeschool child.  If you are a part of the Hamilton Homeschool Partnership, please contact us to receive your special code to enter when checking out.

2018 Homeschool Dates:

   Session 10:  October 3-17

    Session 11:  October 31-November 14

    Session 12:  November 28-December 12

2019 Homeschool Dates:

    Session 1:  January 16-30

    Session 2:  February 13-27

    Session 3:  March 13-27

    Session 4:  April 10-24

    Session 5: May 8-22

*Classes will be held on Wednesday's only from 10:15-10:45 am

To Register:

  1. Select/click on the desired Program below [Blue bar(s) below]
  2. Select the Sub-Program tab.
  3. Select the Class
  4. Click on the Red Class Cost/Days/Times to pick the day and time
  5. Click on the red Register Button
  6. When you reach your shopping cart, you can receive a multiple class discount by clicking "continue shopping for additional classes" and signing up for another class.  Do not check out, until you've put all the classes you intend to sign up for in your shopping cart.
  7. Coupon Codes:
    1. 001: Elementary Swimming Lessons Certificate, Allegan Public Schools (3rd and 4th Graders): Please bring the certificate to your first class.
    2. 002: Parents who are Aquatic Center members, use this coupon code to receive your special discount for youth programming.
    3. 003: Federal Free Lunch Program Participant (if your child is a participant, please enter this coupon code). A letter stating that your child participates can be obtained from your District's Food Services Coordinator.
    4. 004: Federal Reduced Lunch Program Participant (if you child is a participant, please enter this coupon code).  A letter stating that your child participates can be obtained from your District's Food Services Coordinator.
    5. 005: Boy Scouts Of America, Use this coupon if your child is involved with Boy Scouts.

**Further discounts or fully-subsidized pricing options are available.  Scholarship Learn-to-Swim participants are required to register for a minimum of two sessions at a time and must attend 90% of all available classes.


Please contact ALLEGANSWIMSCHOOL@GMAIL.COM or 269-205-8759 with questions.

SwimAmerica Swimming Lessons

SwimAmerica is a national brand swimming lessons program developed by a consortium of swimming lessons professionals, swimming coaches and aquatics professionals and offered at hundreds of locations across the country. This unique 10-level program builds confidence and competency in the water through a proven, systematic approach in which swimmers develop and build upon the foundational skills of balance, breathing and buoyancy. SwimAmerica is redefining what it means to know how to swim. Children ages 3 and 4 are welcome to join in the SwimAmerica Swimming lessons, but the goals for these learners will be to develop comfort and balance in the water. Our in-water instructors will make determinations about when 3 and 4 y.o. learners are ready to move into higher level stations.

Parents are welcome to stay; we ask that you observe from the spectators seating area.

Due to the program being self-paced, instructor assignments and student stations can change from day to day depending on the number of students who passed levels during the previous class.

Parent/Child Swimming Lessons

Parent & Child lessons walk parents through the process of helping their children become comfortable in the water along with teaching survival skills. This class also helps parents teach their children independent movement in the water. For children 6 months to 5 years.

Cost: 6 lessons for $40

Adult Small Group Swimming Lessons

The adult group lessons are geared towards adults who have not had the opportunity to learn the basics of swimming. The program is designed to help adult beginners first get acclimated and comfortable in the water and to then learn some of the basics of breathing and balance in the water.