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The Alto Stroke School teaches proper technique to beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimmers.  Instructors tailor each session to fit the needs of their student(s). Swimmers and parents can expect to see measurable success across each session.

In Stroke School, competitive strokes and skills are taught and refined. As swimmers grow in confidence, often they develop an interest in swimming for competition. The Stroke School lays the foundation for a swimmer to transition into a team environment with proper stroke mechanics.

The Stroke School is also a perfect program for competitive athletes who wish to refine their skills and receive added personalized feedback. Graduates from the Alto Stroke School are ready to continue swimming for fitness or competition.

Please contact our coaching staff with questions or to schedule an evaluation:

Coach & Instructor Certification

Each instructor has completed an in-depth Alto Instructor Course. Instructors focus on water safety curriculum while teaching proper swim skills and a love for the water. As swimmers progress through the program, each student learns the skills needed to pursue swimming for fitness or competition. Our instructors are also highly qualified to work with adults, from adults who fear the water to those looking to improve their swimming form or learn a new stroke.

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