Auburn Aquatics Lessons

Tiger Swim Lessons 2022

We will have Lesson Information out in February of 2022-here on this page.      We will run 2 -6 to 8 week sessions with a Monday/Wednesday option or a Tuesday/Thursday option.   The lesson set up for 2022 will look a little different than what we have offered in the past.    We will be running semi private lessons this year.   Registration opens in March.   

If you are interested in more long term year round options-please email us at [email protected] for more information



 There will be specific entry and exit points for the facility(NOT THE MAIN ENTRANCE).   ALL information will be sent the Friday before your lessons start on Monday.

PLEASE look at dates and times carefully, each session has different day & time combinations.   Each session is also priced differently depending on number of lessons in the session.

Please check back for information posted here as it becomes available.  If you have any questions please email us! [email protected]

Questions: [email protected] email is the best contact option!

If you have any questions, please let us know via email! 

  [email protected] or [email protected]

 *********To Register-scroll down to specific lesson tab at the bottom, click and all available times and dates will show.  Once Registration is open, there will be a register bar under each specific lesson. 
 You will click on the register bar and the system will guide you to check out. There is a $5 registration fee.  Cost is listed under each session.





Credit or Debit payment due at checkout  

****Changing class times or sessions AFTER registration is complete will need to be changed by our staff.  Email us and we can move your time and/or session(space available) PLEASE do not register for another class/time before contacting our staff via email.   IF you are registered for multiple sessions, you will be responsible for those lessons(NO REFUNDS).

  please note that most swimmers will need multiple sessions to move to the next class level.   If you are unsure of your swimmers level, register them for the level below where you feel they might be.    Please read the class descriptions below.

Tiny Tot: water orientation for children 9months – 3years, with parent participation in the water required.  Focus on teaching the child water skills as well as teaching parents how to continue basic instruction with the child.

Beginner 1: introduction to swimming and water safety for children 3-6years.  This class is for children who have not had lessons/cannot swim.

Beginner 2(4-8yr olds):this class is for children who have had lessons and are unafraid of the water and can paddle around but cannot confidently swim on their own yet.

Advanced Beginner(5-10yr olds):continued work on freestyle and introduction to backstroke.  Students must be able to swim confidently by themselves to enter this class.

Novice/Intermediate(7-12yr olds): continued work on freestyle and backstroke, with an introduction to breasktroke and butterfly. Swimmers should be able to swim 25 yards(the length of the pool) unassisted to enter this class.

**ALL changes to lesson times/levels will need to be made by our staff via email.    You will be responsible for payment for each lesson you register for.

**No Refunds (extenuating circumstances considered by Board approval only)

**Sessions Can not be split or shared