Fastest in the North Fundraiser
Fastest in the North Fundraiser
MAR 24
Time: 12:20 PM
Beth Sauer Email
On March 24, 2018, the North Pole Aquatic Club will be holding their Fastest in the North Fundraiser. This is our annual team fundraiser that allows us to offset the costs of operating throughout the swim season. It is a great opportunity to bring family and friends together for some fun while supporting our team!

How does our fundraiser work?

Our fundraiser is similar to ones used by swim teams all over the United States to raise money for their respective team. To raise money, swimmers receive pledges and donations from family members, friends, neighbors, and local businesses.

On the 24th, swimmers will swim a maximum of 200 laps or 2 hours in the pool, whichever comes first. Volunteers will count and time the swimmers. After swimming, the athletes will be treated to a late lunch provided by our amazing swim parents.

Your donations are needed and greatly appreciated! North Pole Aquatic Club is a non-profit organization and your donations may be tax deductible.
Participants | Rank 0/73
$1,678.00Jordan Boatman
$1,178.00Caleb Boatman
$1,000.00Allison Brownwood
$800.00Bailey Summers
$773.00Adrian Padron
Top Roster (amount)
$4,679.67White Pac
$3,884.39Green Pac B (4th & 5th)
$3,567.66Green Pac A (1st - 3rd)
$1,420.00Black Pac
$908.33Green Pac M 1 (Middle)
Top Locations (amount)