2019 Swim-A-Lot
2019 Swim-A-Lot
Help Support Our Team!!!
Time: 4:00 PM
Eastink Centre
Jane Zeyha Email
Please join us for our annual team fundraiser. It's a great opportunity to bring family and friends together for some fun while supporting our team.

How does our fundraiser work?

Our swimmers are collecting pledges from friends family and community to raise money for pool rental and training. The GP Aquarians swim from May 1 to Mid August 4-5 days a week and compete nearly every weekend at swim meets through the region. The swimmers are dedicated to improving their strokes and fitness levels and work hard every day. For this fundraiser swimmers receive pledges and donations from family members, friends, neighbors, and local businesses. the swimmers 10 and under will aim to swim 100 laps in one hour and the swimmers 11 and up will aim to swim 200 laps in 2 hours.

This is a family event. Parents of the younger swimmers help count laps and keep track of times. We hope that everyone is able to get the whole family involved.
Participants | Rank 0/59
$200.00Sola Jim
$150.00Emily Short
$106.05Shyah McMillan
$106.05Shaymus McMillan
$100.00Lara Ball
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$200.00Blue Group
$110.00Yellow Group
$70.00Silver Group
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