MAR 24
Time: 12:00 AM
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On Tuesday 3/24 the International Olympic Committee officially postponed the Tokyo Olympic Games until 2021. While this decision may seem remote, symbolically it hits very close to home. Olympic swimming is the essence of the FAST Swim Team.

The original Olympic Games began in 776 A.D. and continued without significant interruption for 1,200 years. Now, within my own lifetime I have seen the Games disrupted three times ? 1980 (boycott), 1984 (boycott), 2020 (postponement). Cold War politics or COVID-19 concerns, canceling the competitions impacts everyone in the world, not just the athletes. FAST is impacted because we are the purveyors of an Olympic sport. We seed dreams. Olympic dreams which, even if they fade, are nonetheless significant for the fact that they deliver hope and meaning to young minds. FAST believes it is important to support dreams and to teach youth to dream big. We seek to instill in our athletes the Olympic ideal of strength in body, mind, and spirit. Now FAST needs your support to sustain these dreams and ideals.

Similar to the model of monthly sustainers utilized by public radio and the like, you may continue to donate until you choose not to, and you can get a tax write-off for your contribution. If you choose this method, your credit card will be charged on the 1st of each month until you notify FAST that you would like to stop.
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