2019 Swim-A-Thon Fundraiser
Event Fundraising
2019 Swim-A-Thon Fundraiser
JUN 26
Time: 12:00 PM
Kelly Capen Email
Please join us for the Academy Bullets Swim-A-Thon!
It's a great opportunity to bring teammates together for some great swimming fun while supporting our team.
What is a Swim-A-Thon?
Swim-A-Thon is a fundraiser used by year-round swim team's all over the United States to raise money for USA Swimming Foundation and the individual's swim club. To raise money for Swim-A-Thon, swimmers receive pledges and donations from family members, friends, neighbors, and local businesses.
When and where?
The Bullets will be conducting this year's Swim-A-Thon across all of our sites.