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2019 Hour Of Power
2019 Hour Of Power
APR 13
Time: 8:00 AM
EIN: 363358820
7 Happ Ln, Northfield IL 60091
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Please join us for our 13th Annual Hour of Power to support the Ted Mullin Fund.

Who was Ted Mullin?
A former New Trier & Carleton College athlete, Ted was a driven, committed and compassionate young man who endeavored to change the world through athletics. He coached for both New Trier and Old Willow, with former NTA coach Rick Peterson. An advocate for creating change, Ted was an active part of the Relay for Life at Carleton College as well. His joy & love of life and his community and family is a big part of what drives the Ted Mullin Fund today.

What is the Hour of Power?
The Ted Mullin Hour of Power is the major fundraiser to support the Ted Mullin Fund. Held annually since 2006, the Hour of Power has grown from the original 15 teams to 167 teams in 2013-14 with over 8,100 participating athletes in the United States and abroad. Over the past 12 years the Hour of Power raised over $1.25 Million for the Ted Mullin Fund in support of sarcoma research at The University of Chicago Medicine.

The event is conducted at the Northfield campus and is a one-hour, all-out, leave-it-in-the-pool practice consisting of continuous relays, using any stroke. The relay fosters teamwork through its objective of having a mix of ability and athletes from across the program.
The Carleton College teams, Ted's college program, selected this workout as the Hour of Power relay format because it was one of his favorite practice sets. Thousands of swimmers across the country and the world unite in the water at the same time in support of the battle against sarcoma.

The Ted Mullin Fund directly contributes to the University of Chicago Pediatric Cancer Research Center in an effort to eradicate cancers like pediatric sarcoma, which took the life of Ted in 2006.
NTA is the largest donor to the Ted Mullin fund and we are so grateful for this opportunity to use the swimming platform to give back to the community at large. Our entire team works together to have athletes of all ages swim a continuous one hour relay in memory of Ted to demonstrate our combined commitment to raising funds and fighting cancer.
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