Nu Wave Swim-a-thon 2018-19
Event Fundraising
Nu Wave Swim-a-thon 2018-19
NOV 10
Time: 8:00 AM
EIN: 411557602
UNO Lakefront Arena Pool
Angele Thionville Email
Swim-a-Thon is a USA Swimming Foundation-approved fundraiser used by swim teams all over the United States to raise money for their respective clubs. To raise money for Swim-a-Thon, family members, friends, neighbors, and local businesses pledge a certain amount of money per length or make a flat donation in support of Nu Wave Swim Club.

The Nu Wave Swim Club Swim-a-Thon 5K is happening on Saturday, November 10 from 8:00 am-10:00 am at the UNO Lakefront Pool! Tidal Wave, Cyclone, Tsunami, Senior, National, and Poseidon swimmers will race to finish 5,000 yards, the equivalent of 200 lengths of a 25-yard pool, or swim as many lengths possible in two hours This is a family event since swimmers will need the help of their parents to time and count their laps.

By donating to our Swim-a-Thon fundraiser, you are not only providing funds to build a stronger team at Nu Wave, but you are also helping to give kids across the country the same great experience in the pool. 5% of the proceeds raised from our Swim-a-Thon goes back to the USA Swimming Foundation to support learn-to-swim programs and to provide financial support to our U.S. National Team athletes and coaches.

With our Nu Wave athletes' fundraising participation and your financial support, we will be able to provide critical support to our team, afford excellent coaches and pool facilities, provide professional development, purchase new equipment, and support the overall operating cost of the program. Your support of our Swim-a-Thon is very much appreciated!