2018 COPS Swim-A-Thon
Event Fundraising
2018 COPS Swim-A-Thon
Time: 8:00 AM
EIN: 75-1815867
Rodrigo Pereira Email
Every year our club raises money for youth swimming activities by participating in a Swim-A-ThonŽ. This year, the Swim-A-ThonŽ activities will kick off in February, with our actual swim taking place on April 8th. Our fundraising will continue through the middle of April. The money we raise from this event will be used by my team to benefit our Build a Pool Fund, scholarships for swimmers needing financial assistance, mini meets for our youngest swimmers, and other activities including athlete travel, relay fees, and much more! In addition, a small portion goes to USA Swimming to support national swimming initiatives.

There are many reasons to be proud of our team, and many reasons to raise money for the coming season. My reason for wanting to swim in the Swim-A-ThonŽ and help raise money for the team is because I love to swim and I am proud of our team. I want our team to be the best it can be! Here is how our Swim-A-ThonŽ works: I will swim either 200 lengths of the pool, or for two hours, whichever comes first, as a show of my commitment to our fundraising. Please sponsor me by making a in support of my efforts and our club.

The City of Plano Swimmers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Federal Tax ID #75-1815867, which makes your contribution fully tax deductible!
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$1,105.00Addison Duke
$975.00Jaylynn Lowman
$575.00Caitlyn Groff
$570.00Meagan Moran
$525.00Ethan Boe
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$2,945.00National Team
$2,850.00TAGS Team-OPC
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$9,175.00Oak Point Center