Swimaramapalooza 2019
Event Fundraising
Swimaramapalooza 2019
MAY 20
Time: 4:30 PM
EIN: 27-0584700
CV Starr Center, 300 Lincoln Street, Fort Bragg CA 95437
Anna Russell Email
SWIMARAMAPALOOZA is our annual swim-a-thon fundraiser.
The Sea Dragons need to raise money each year to help offset the costs of the pool rental, coaching staff, equipment and other expenses that are part of running a successful swim program without having to raise the dues to levels that restrict our swimmers.
Every Sea Dragon has a chance to swim as many laps in one hour (or 30 mins for the little ones) and they will be asking their friends, families, teachers and other contacts to sponsor them to do it! The event is us USA-Swimming sanctioned event and always a lot of fun as the swimmers really get to see how much progress they have made since last year or, for the newer swimmers, just how much they can really do. Most first time swimmers REALLY surprise themselves. The team usually swims over 55 miles collectively but we are pushing to go EVEN further every year. Please support a swimmer.......
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$665.00William Seaholm
$615.00Seraphine Ries
$402.00Lily Tholberg
$400.44Samson Schneider
$347.00Alexi Huerta
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$7,153.10C.V. Starr Center