2019 Lap-a-Thon
2019 Lap-a-Thon
BAC 2019 Lap-a-Thon Fundraiser
APR 13
Time: 9:00 AM
EIN: 94-3385614
Joinville Swim Center
Sylvia Lam Email
A highlight of every year at BAC is our annual Lap-a-Thon, which gathers all our swimmers for a day of cranking out as many laps as they can manage.

The Lap-a-Thon is BAC?s main team fundraiser, and it?s always our goal to swim a lot of laps and raise a lot of money. BAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and the monthly dues we charge our families account for only some of the funds we need to cover all our operational costs each year.

So where does Lap-a-Thon money go?
It helps support our BAC Swim Team Scholarships, which make swimming accessible to the entire community.
It helps us purchase new equipment, which keeps our swimmers at the top of their games.
It helps pay for travel expenses, which allows our swimmers and coaches to participate at away meets.
It helps defray the cost of pool rentals, which have increased thanks to the renovations at Burlingame High School?s pool.
And it helps us keep your monthly dues affordable!

By securing pledges from family and friends and cranking out their laps, our swimmers do their part to help their team financially. Meanwhile, parents, siblings and even older swimmers can help, too, by counting laps, keeping track of times and?of course?encouraging the swimmers!

After the Lap-a-Thon, stick around for a potluck in the Capuchino High School courtyard. Awards and prizes will go to individuals, groups and even coaches!

How does our fundraiser work?
It?s easy! BAC?s Lap-a-Thon is similar to those that swim teams across the country host to raise money for their teams. Simply set up your swimmer?s fundraising page on Team Unify and share the information via email and social media with family and friends?and neighbors and local businesses, while you?re at it. Then your swimmer will be ready to receive pledges and donations for their swim.

Sound fun? Good! We hope to see you, your swimmer and your whole family at this event. Our team?s hard work plus your Lap-a-Thon support help keep BAC afloat!

Lap-a-Thon essentials:
Where: Joinville Swim Center
When: April 13, 2019
What: Swim from 9:00 a.m. to noon; potluck from noon to 1:30 p.m.
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$665.00Thomas Jorgensen
$350.00Sophia vanRyswyk
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$665.00Swim - Poseidon
$465.00Swim - Waves
$350.00Swim - Varsity
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$1,015.00Swim Team