Time: 12:00 AM
EIN: 77-00474015
Seaside High School - 2200 Noche Buena Street, Seaside
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lease join us for our Exciting Annual Team Fundraiser:
$pla$h-4-Ca$h 2018 on Sunday May 6th!

As a non-profit, The Dolphins hold two fundraisers per year, the 4th of July Fireworks Booth and Splash-4-Cash. These 2 campaigns are essential to the maintenance and rental of our swimming facilities.

Funds earned from Splash-4-Cash go towards pool maintenance, repairs, coaches travel fees, pool gear, travel meets, and miscellaneous upkeep.

Each swimmer will have their very own fundraising page in which they can email or share with family and friends via social media, track their funds received, and even see how close they, or their individual group, are to winning fabulous prizes!

You will be emailed a link to watch a simple and short "How-To" video and printable instructions. I do not recommend skipping this vital step.

All donations are encouraged to be paid online via each swimmers fundraising site, however, we will still be accepting cash & checks before, during, and up to two weeks after the event. Off-line cash/check donations will be posted/verified to the swimmers account once I receive them.
As many of you are new to this fun ANNUAL event and the TeamUnify online fundraising tools, we encourage you to call, text, or email Tina at any time if you have ANY questions. We have seen first hand how this online tool increases participation and funds donated, not to mention the families 'behind the scenes' effort is greatly reduced.

As always, each "SWIMMER" is encouraged to raise $100. minimum. **Coaches will arrange lap times for those swim families unable to attend the actual event due to prior conflicting obligations.

Event Timeline will be forthcoming

S-Z: Bring Salads or Side Dishes to share

A-Z: Bring your own beverages.
(please mark all containers and serving utensils, we are left with many unmarked containers every year and sadly these eventually end up being donated to Goodwill or thrown away.)

Donuts, banana's and Coffee/water will be served to ANY swimmers or family members counting laps during the early morning laps shift.

This is a TEAM WIDE FUNDRAISER, We Thank You in advance for your participation and we look forward to beating last years Grand total of $20,000.!

Goooooooo Dolphins! Let's make a huge SPLASH at this years SPLASH 4 CASH!!!

*funds will be collected until May 19th.

Tina Cieri
Spla$h-4-Ca$h 2017 Coordinator

See Event on Website for more details!
Participants | Rank 0/158
$1,300.00Damiera Cruz
$1,260.00Kalea Hall
$735.00Haylie Rivers
$642.00Landon Onitsuka
$579.66Ayliana Horvath
Top Roster (amount)
$3,141.68AG 3-Peninsula - Coach Molly
$1,685.00AG 3 - Hartnell
$1,650.00Seniors - Coach Ken
$1,460.00Pre-Senior - Hartnell - Coach Brian
$1,179.66Pre-Senior - Peninsula - Coach James