2020 Giving Campaign
2020 Giving Campaign
OCT 15
Time: 12:00 AM
EIN: 943267786
Celine Schafer Email
After an incredible 2019 season filled with best times and records set, we are looking ahead to the 2020 season.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely the Lucas Valley pool construction will be complete for this upcoming season. Another season without our home pool will further impact our team. As a result the steady revenue streams we normally rely on from fundraising events held at our clubhouse, which is closed during construction, have forced us to pursue other funding sources. Additionally, the registration costs for each team member simply doesn't cover the cost of running a swim team. These circumstances leave us in an urgent financial situation.

To maintain our team for the 2020 season, we are asking for help. With support from the LVST Giving Campaign, we can continue to help our kids progress in the pool and watch them thrive as athletes, and most importantly, team players in a supportive community environment.

Our giving campaign goal is to raise $20,000 by December 31, 2019. In addition to the giving campaign, we will be pursuing sponsorships, Thunderthon and grants to raise over $30,000 to maintain solvency. The LVST Board is committed to the fundraising goals shared and have contributed towards the giving campaign. With your support we can reach our target. Not every family can close the gap. Will you sponsor a swimmer who is unable to give beyond registration fees?

Levels of Support:
These gift amounts are based on the gap between cost per swimmer ($665) and registration fees ($415).

Lightning Bolt $1,000+
supports 4 swimmers or more
Thunderbolt $750
supports 3 swimmers
Firebolt $500
supports 2 swimmers
Flash $250
supports 1 swimmer
We welcome any donation you can make to support our team.

We thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated and will help maintain the community swim team that has been an integral part of Lucas Valley since the 1960s. We leave you with this: No matter what pool we practice in, we remain Lucas Valley Lightning.
All In. Lighting Pride!

With our deepest thanks,

The LVST Board
Jen McConnell, President
Stephen Shoup, Vice President
Kristin Mathewson, Treasurer
Karin Schellenberg, Secretary
Liz Brown, Coaches Liaison
Becky Andersen, Volunteer and Champs Coordinator
Julia Butler, MSL Representative
Laura Palomino, Swim School
Celine Schafer, Fundraising
Steven Cassidy, Member-At-Large

Top Locations (amount)
$11,925.00Resident-LV Homeowners Assoc
$5,035.00Non Resident-LV Homeowners Assoc