BSL is Adding a Year-Round Training Site
BSL is Adding a Year-Round Training Site
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Time: 12:00 AM
Phillip Wood Email
The clock is started. We are excited for BSL's newest training location at Heatherwood Hills Country Club with practices beginning in the coming months. With the addition of our newest site, we intend to raise money for the addition of a semi-permanent covering for our newest training site, ensuring quality programming is available all year.

The vision of BSL is to continue to be ?the quantifiably premier USA Swimming program in the Southeastern region as measured by: the growth and achievement of the individual swimmer and team, the quality of our coaching staff, and the enthusiasm of our athletes and families.?

So we have elected to run a fundraiser for our non-profit organization, which brings together the entire BSL family, including current members, alumni, family, and fans in a combined effort to ensure the quality and progress of swimming in Birmingham.

With the combined effort of the ENTIRE BSL Family, we plan to reach our goal and provide the programming and facilities needed to support the potential greatness in each BSL swimmer.