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About Us

The Club is affiliated with Swim Newfoundland and Labrador and with the National Sport Governing body Swim/Natation Canada. A hard working volunteer Board made up of parents of Legends swimmers operates the Legends Swim Club. The Board meets regularly and parents are encouraged to become involved in the club.

The Legends offer programs for a variety of ages and skill levels, from our pre-competitive Little Legends squads (young, inexperienced, novice swimmers) to our National squad (dedicated athletes competing at a national level). The Legends also have a partnership with Memorial University by assuming the delivery of the training and competitive programs for the Memorial University Sea Hawk Swim Team. This broadens the scope of our program.

Legends swimmers compete against swimmers of the same age and ability levels across the province and across the country. New swimmers may choose not to compete until the parents, coach and swimmer agree that the individual is ready.

The Legends Swim Club currently trains out of three pools: the Aquarena, the Memorial University pool, and the Paul Reynolds Community Centre. This offers an excellent combination of training facilities for all club members.

The Legends Swim Club employs a full-time Head Coach, two full-time Assistant Head Coaches, and fifteen part-time Assistant Coaches. Our coaches are well trained and motivated individuals eager to help each child strive to achieve his/her fullest potential.

Club Philosophy and Goals:
The primary purpose of the St. John's Legends Swim Club is to provide an opportunity for each of its members to attain his or her maximum potential in competitive swimming. In pursuing this goal, it is our belief that each swimmer will derive significant benefits in the areas of:
1) Character development - understanding the value of hard work and commitment, learning to contribute to a team effort, and self-image enhancement.
2) Internal rewards - experiencing the unique satisfaction that follows 100% unconditional commitment.

Mission and Philosophy of the St. John's Legends Swim Club:
The Club will strive to:
-Maintain and develop a competitive swim team, having as its goals the maximization of the potential of all members as competitive swimmers and the maximization of personal satisfaction and growth on the part of the members through the Club's training, competitive, and social programs.
- Cost-effectively deliver a superior program from developmental to elite levels of training and competition for the athletes and coaches of the St. John's Legends Swim Club. This will be accomplished by coordinating the initiatives and programs -- from TIP to the National Squad -- and working interdependently with the coaching staff, athletes, parents, and executives.

Club History:
The St. John's Legends Swim Club, originally NAAC - the Newfoundland Aquarena Aquatic Club, was founded in 1978 following the construction of the Aquarena and the city's hosting of the 1977 Canada Summer Games. The club developed quickly under the direction of its first head coach Tom Arusso and within two seasons Paula Kelly had been named to Canada's 1980 Olympic team. Over the years the club has continued to be a leader on the provincial swimming scene. Some of NAAC/Legends swimmers who have made waves on the national and international stage of swimming are:

Paula Kelly 1980 Canadian Olympic Team Member
Ian Tennent 1993 Canada Games Gold and Silver
Adrian Costello 1993 National Youth Team Member
Suzanne Drodge 1995 Junior National Gold and Bronze
Steven Thornhill 2001 Junior National Bronze 
Owen Daly 2011 Age Group National Gold 
Catherine Shortall 2011 Age Group National Gold
Noah Cumby 2018
2018 Junior Pan Pac's Team and Bronze Relay
2019 Canadian Swimming Championships Silver


These athletes have helped to keep the Legends name on the swimming map of Canada.