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 The purpose of this page is to help answer questions you may have about any functional area of our team. We hope to address and answer many of the common questions that are asked each year. If we haven't addressed your question on this web page, please send your question to




Free Trial Period

High School Eligibility


Swim Meets

Team Communications





If I donate something to concessions, when/where do I bring my donations?

For each home meet, there will be a designated concession area at the facility. Our "home" pool facility is located at L'Anse Creuse High School North. Currently our concession area is in the main lobby area when you enter at the north side of the building. Please bring your donation to this area before the meet starts, and preferably before the warm-up session begins.

For our home swim meets, am I required to donate to concessions?

No, you are not required to make donations to our concession area. However, if we are asked to help provide food/beverage items for our swim meets, as a team we would expect that everyone be conscientious and generous in helping in this area. Donations to our concession area should always be a team effort! Also, please note that most of our item requests will cost less than $10 per item.

How can I contact the person in charge of the Marlins concession area?

You can reach our committee head for concessions via email at





What are my fundraising requirements?

This season we have no required fundraising.  The Marlin Marathon is the biggest fundraising activity of the short course season and the Marlin swimmers are not required to participate, but highly encouraged to. There are also other fundraising activities throughout the season of which we hope to have our team participate in.

See our Fundraising page for more information.



Free Trial Period

Do swimmers need to try-out to make the team?

The Marlins offer a free trial period at the beginning of every short course swim season. The purpose of the free trial period is to give all swimmers an opportunity to visit our practices to see if they would like to be a part of the team. It also gives our coaches an opportunity to help place swimmers into the practice group that best fits their ability. If you missed this trial period, please contact one of our Head Coaches to make arrangements for a free three-day trial period (see our Coaches & Directors page). As a YMCA team you do not have to try-out to be a part of MYM. Everyone swims, everyone wins!




High School Eligibility

Can swimmers participate in non-school meets during their high school season?

Yes. From the 2016-17 MHSAA Coaches Guidebook  

During the high school season in bowling, cross country, golf, gymnastics, alpine skiing, swimming & diving, tennis, track & field or wrestling, a member of the school team in that sport may participate in a maximum of two non-school meets or contests in that sport while not representing his or her school. An event held on not more than three consecutive calendar days is considered a single meet in terms of limited team membership.

It is very important to follow these guidelines/rules. Failure to do so may affect the swimmer's high school eligibility. For more information about these rules and guidelines, consult your high school coach or athletic director.




When can I register for the Marlins?

You must register before you can start practice and compete in swim meets. The only exception would apply to new swimmers who may attend the free trial period prior to the short course season (August-April). Returning swimmers should register before the trial period.

How do I signup for the Marlins Swim Team?

Please see our Registration How To page for detailed instructions on how to register for MYM.

How do I know which practice group fits best for my child?

One of the reasons we have a trial period is to help you determine which practice group fits best. Our coaches want to place swimmers in the group that will provide the best benefit to their swimming development and their athletic ability. Please see our Practice Groups page for detailed descriptions of the practice group standards.

Where can I obtain help or support for Online Team Registration?

For more help or support with Team Registration, please contact us via email to



Swim Meets

What should my child and I bring to swim meets?

Your child should have extra goggles and an extra swimsuit in case of an emergency. Additionally, they should have flip-flops, sweat clothes to wear in between events, and at least two towels. Parents should have a highlighter for highlighting their swimmers name in the programs, a pen for writing down their times, and a permanent Sharpie to write the swimmer's events written down on their arm.

May I come on deck to watch my child swim?

Barring any extraordinary circumstances, parents are not allowed on the pool deck during a meet. The only individuals allowed on deck are the swimmers, coaches, and any volunteers that are working on deck at the meet. This is obviously one of the perks for becoming a parent volunteer!

May I leave the meet right after my child swims?

If parents have obligations outside of the meet, it is perfectly fine to leave after the child swims his or her events. Before departing, please be sure to inform your swimmer's coach as soon as possible so arrangements can be made in the event that the child was scheduled into last-minute into a relay event. Ideally we look at Marlin swimming as a team event, so we'd like to see children attend the entire event so they can cheer on their teammates!

How will my child receive their awards if I need to leave the meet early?

Please remember that the retrieval of your swimmer's awards is ultimately your responsibility. Even if you need to leave early, awards are usually ready and distributed by the host team approximately 10 to 30 minutes after each race. That being said, our coaches usually retrieve those awards that are left behind before leaving the meet. If it's a two-day meet (as with an invitational), they will not be retrieved until after the meet has ended on the last day of competition. In some cases where the coach may not retrieve awards, the host team may make arrangements with the respective visiting teams to send the awards via postage mail.

How are swimming awards determined?

Awards are assigned at the discretion of the host team. At many swim meets, ribbons may be awarded for places 1 through 16 in individual events. In some cases, medals are awarded to the top 3 to 6 finishers. For more information about awards, visit the host team's web site and check their meet packet.

How do I sign up for swim meets? How are the swim meets categorized?

Upon registration, every MYM swimmer will have a unique account through this website. This account is used to register and pay for your swimmer's swim meet entries. Notices and/or invitations for all scheduled swim meets will be sent to swimmers and/or parents/guardians of the swimmers via the email provided at registration. More information on meet entries can be obtained by contacting our BOD VP

Please note that our entry chair persons are only responsible to enter your swimmers into meets that are targeted on our Meet Schedule. Swimmers may enter meets that are not on our schedule by accessing the entry information from the host team’s web site. The entry form needs to be filled out (per the host team’s requirements) and sent/mailed to the host team’s entry chair person. If you need help with this process, please contact our BOD VP at

There are four different types of meets throughout the swim season. Each meet is approached in a different manner.

  1. Annual Marlin Meet – This is an unofficial intra-squad meet, and its primary purpose is to show new swimmers and their parents/guardians how a meet is run. This is also a good meet for returning swimmers to gage their progress after a month of practicing in the pool. For this meet, there will be an online meet entry signup (see Meet Entry How To) available, and the swimmers will select their own events. All times are recorded as unofficial times and do not count towards championship meet qualifying standards or team records and there is no entry cost. All swimmers are encouraged to swim in this meet, with the exception of our high school girls who are limited to the number of swim meets they are allowed to swim outside their high school season.

  2. YMCA Dual Meets – These are official meets where the Marlins swim against another YMCA team. A dual meet is a one-day, one-session meet. These meets will typically last three to four hours. Points are awarded, and the team with the most points wins the dual meet. All times count as official YMCA times. Approximately 30 days prior to the meet, online meet signup will be available for all dual meets (see Meet Entry How To). In this signup, you are only required to enter whether or not the swimmer is attending the meet. The coaches determine swimmer’s events and relays based on registration. There is no entry cost regardless of who is hosting the dual meet. All swimmers are encouraged to swim in dual meets, with the exception of our high school swimmers who are limited to the number of swim meets they are allowed to swim outside their high school season.

  3. YMCA/USA Meet/Invitational – Invitationals are typically multi-day meets, with a morning and an afternoon session. Entry information (meet packets) are usually available within 30 to 45 days before the date of the meet. Each session is divided by age groups, and each session will typically last four hours. Swim events for meets on our schedule will be available for download from the Marlins web site (see our Meet Schedule page). Online meet entry signup will be available for these meets. Cost is typically $4 per event entered. All times achieved will count towards YMCA championship qualifying time standards.

  4. Championship Meets – These meets may be one to three days, such as the YMCA Eastern Division Championship, YMCA District Championship, or the YMCA State Meet. Everyone is expected to swim in a championship meet if they qualify. YMCA Eastern Division Championship is a meet where all swimmers swim; there are no qualifying time standards for this meet.  For this meet there is the typical $4 per event cost.  The coaches will be helping the swimmers pick their events to maximize the chances for qualifying for the state meet and beyond and gaining points in the team competition. The YMCA District Championship Meet is a meet for any swimmer that did not obtain (minimally) an individual YMCA State qualifying time. The other championship meets (State, Zone, and National) require that the swimmer obtain times that meet the respective qualifying time standard. The various qualifying times can be obtained from the Time Standards page. With the exception of YMCA Eastern Division Championship and District Meet, swimmers are automatically entered into the championship meets. If you are eligible, and cannot swim, you must contact your coach and the team’s BOD VP at The head coaches will select each swimmer’s events for all championship meets.

If you need further assistance with meet definitions or meet entry, please contact our BOD VP via email at

How many meets are swimmers required to participate in?

MYM does not have any requirements with regard to the number of meets a swimmer participates in. We encourage all of our new swimmers to make every effort to gain "big" meet experience (i.e. invitationals). Although it is not a requirement, we expect everyone on the Marlins to swim in the dual meets, and in particular, our Marlin Invitational in January. There is one YMCA requirement which states that a swimmer must participate in three sanctioned YMCA meet days in order to be eligible to swim in championship meets. The championship season starts in February, and the first championship meet is YMCA Eastern Division Championship.

Which swim events should I select for my child?

We will direct our answer to this question with regard to novice swimmers. Most novice swimmers should select the shorter distance events in the freestyle and backstroke. For novice swimmers eight years of age and younger, select 25 yard events and nothing longer than 100 yards (four lengths of the pool). For novice swimmers nine to 12 years of age, select 50 yard events. For novice swimmers 13 years of age and older, select 50 yard events and nothing longer than 200 yards (eight lengths of the pool). Selecting shorter events is a certain path to take in the early stages of the swim season. If swimmers are attending most of their practice sessions, and they are making good progress as the team moves into the New Year, they may be ready for a race with more distance. If you are still unsure which events to select, bring the meet entry form to practice and the coach will select the events for you.

Experienced swimmers, typically those in our Blue and Black practice groups, should know themselves which events they should be swimming. Experienced swimmers should always be looking to challenge themselves throughout the swim season so selecting all short events would not be a good path to take.

Open events are typically available for swimmers 13 and older. Sometimes there is a cutoff age for open events where swimmers under 12 years of age may not be eligible. Check with the Marlins BOD VP at or your coach for more information about open events.



Team Communications

The Macomb YMCA Marlins uses online registration for team communications. The email used at registration will, throughout the swim season, communicate a significant amount of information to the team with regard to team activities, newsletters, upcoming meets, practice updates, and much more. It is strongly suggested that everyone check their email daily for potential practice session updates.

I am not receiving email from the Marlins TeamUnify email system. Who should I contact?

To receive team email from the MYM Team Communications system, you must complete online registration. If you have registered and you are still not receiving the team's email, there are two possible reasons why you might not be receiving the team's email

  1. You entered one or more email addresses incorrectly during online team registration.

  2. The team's email is being treated as SPAM by your email application or your network firewall.

How do I receive text message communications from the team?

To opt-in to text message alerts:

  1. Sign-In to your personal account at (left-hand side of the page)
  2. Click on “My Account”, then “My Account” (under “Team Unify Invoices”)
  3. On the “Billing Account Information” page, click “Add SMS” at the right-hand side of the page; add your cell phone number and carrier
  4. You will get a text message from with a validation code; put the code into the “Verify New Text Message” box that appears on the screen.
  5. If there is already a phone number listed under “Account Email and Text Message Setup”, click once on the number to highlight it in blue and click “Verify” at right to be sent a code.
  6. If you wish to have your swimmer(s) receive text message alerts as well, simply repeat the process for each of their accounts, which are listed under “Members Under this Account.”


If these reasons have been ruled out and you are still not receiving any email from our team's email system, please contact




How can I volunteer? Who should I contact to volunteer?

When available, we need volunteers for committee chairs as well as for the Marlins Parent Board of Directors (BOD). If you wish to help as a committee chair or as a member of the Marlin Parent BOD, please contact our BOD President at We also need volunteers for other activities such as fundraisers and swim meets. Our need for volunteers at home swim meets is ongoing, and covers many functional areas like concessions, awards, marshaling, officiating (if certified), scoring, timing, and setup/cleanup. It becomes even more vital that we have plenty of volunteers at our Marlin Invitational in January. 

Please view the tutorial video on how to volunteer at an event by clicking hereOnce the webpage has loaded, hover your mouse over where it says "Playlist" at right, then click on "Job Signup 101".

Questions?  See our Coaches & Directors page to contact our Meet Director.