Thank you to the 2016 50th Annual PSA Open supporters listed below:

Aaron's Rent to Own

Creative Signs

D & B Supply

Desert Springs Water Bottle Company

Edward Jones

Garners Sporting Goods

Gordon's Electric

Hill Meat Company

Jenson & Spratling, LLP: Certified Public Accontants

National Guard

Oxford Suites

Pendleton Athletic

Pendleton Chamber of Commerce

Pendleton School District

Powerhouse Diesel Performance

Prodigal Son

Riverside Veterinary Clinic

Stratton Insurance Services

Thews Sheet Metal

Town and Country Property Storage

Zeiglers Transmission & Auto Repair 

Thank You to our Supporters! 

The success of PSA is due in part to the grants provided by the following foundations, sponsors, and people like you. Thank you!

Our thanks to the Wildhorse Foundation (WF) for the grant for new fins and goggles. Our program is in perpetual need of swim equipment due to its continued use. This donation will help our program to be more effective in our endeavors of teaching swimming as well as specific techniques.

Wildhorse Foundation was established January 1, 2001 for the purpose of formalizing charitable giving on behalf of the Wildhorse Resort & Casino and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.  Among the categories, funds are awarded for education, public health, public safety, and education.  Since its establishment, the Foundation has graciously given over $5.3 million in grants.  We are humbled and so very appreciative that the WF continues to support PSA and our program. Thank you!  Wildhorse Foundation

A BIG THANK  YOU to the Pendleton Foundation Trust (PFT) for the Grant we received to preform repairs and update the PSA locker rooms.  Just as PSA is proud of our history and mission,  so is the PFT.  Nearly 84 years ago, the Pendleton Foundation Trust  prepared their Resolution and Declaration, to promote and provide education, recreation, recreational grounds, and ".. For such other civic or public purposes as will best make for the mental, moral and physical improvement of the inhabitants of the City of Pendleton.....".  What a wonderful group!  Remember Pendleton Foundation Trust as you use these items or see the kids working with them.  You can support the PFT cause, by making a donation through their website, where you can also learn more about them. Thanks again PFT! 

Thank you to all of you who supported this year's 48th Annual Pendleton Open!

We appreciate your contributions and continued support!

Below are those whose contributions were $100 or more: Thank you!!!!

St. Anthony's Hospital Catholic Health Initiatives


Sunshine Gourmet Shop

Riverside Veterinary Clinic

The Short Stop Market & Deli

Carter Kerns Investigations

Jenson & Spratling, LLP

Blue Mountain Community College